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17 May 2008 64,883 views 4 Comments

Do the law enforcement officers, school administrators, workplace management teams, health care
administrators, et al., around this country understand the nature of the hate crimes perpetrated
against the already chemically injured? We are disabled by chemicals you may think of as
benign, but believe me, that simply means you have a lot to learn. At least word is now getting out
on the harmful effects of pesticides, but the ignorance that continues to be shown by the
powers that be amazes me.

I keep asking myself: If county health officials, members of the local police, doctors, and various
management teams are still clueless about the effects of pesticides, acute and chronic, then how can
I expect them to understand about poisoning someone by perfume? Nonetheless, I fully expect
that they will use EHN’s site to educate themselves about the toxins in pesticides and perfumes
and then PROTECT those who have filed complaints against neighbors, colleagues, peers, and
even members of management, who engage in hate crimes against the already chemically injured.

Hate crimes against people who are paint-, perfume-, pesticide (HYDROCARBON)-poisoned can
take the form of spraying pesticides on windy days so the chemicals spread, paint without
warning, dump their paint clean-up on the property of the already injured, spray perfume
around the work area of the individual, spray a fellow student in the face with perfume, spray
pesticides or fragrances outside of doors, use fabric softeners at such a time as to adversely
affect the health of the person the hate is directed against,… etc.

Frankly, I’ve come to learn through my own experiences and those of others, that there is no limit
to their imaginative means of further poisoning us. This has got to stop! And, it is up to the
people with authority, to start believing the already chemically disabled people when we
try to report such actions. Please do not dismiss us, further stultify us. We are not insane, but
lack of concern and action by authority is maddening.

To those in authority, I plead: Think of us as having a violent act committed against us. As
with others under such circumstances, we become desperate, we may not be seen by you as fully
rational at the moment. That would be a given for anyone suffering a traumatic event. But,
it is more than just the emotional jolt that is normal to any other human being who has been hurt
and intimidated by another, we have become poisoned by the chemicals that include

Neurotoxins adversely affect the brain and the nervous systems. And knowing that, folks, is how
I got myself through my years of harassment by a very few managers and colleagues — it only
takes one to pollute air and body. I told myself they were mentally affected by the very poisons
they used and weren’t in their “right” minds. Believe me, I had to remind myself of that daily
and I didn’t care whether that was a vialble excuse for their heinous actions, it kept me going
in the workplace where I had to remain civil to them. Why not contact a lawyer, you might ask.
I did. Several. A chemically disabled individual, it seems, is fair game. And from the request
for help that I get, I don’t see that changing. Yet.

For those wishing to deal with toxic tort cases — ATTORNEYS and clients — please read,
Chemical Injury and the Courts by Linda Price King
For more information, see EHN’s pages:

Take Heart!
Accommodation and access guidelines from cities, police, hospitals, workplaces, schools …
— barb

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  • Katherine said:

    Thank you so much for this article. I feel more empowered to stand up for myself for what I have already known. After years of being told “It’s not our fault you’re so sensitive.” by supposed friends that commenced doing something nearby me that I would react to, or being told to “just get over it” by family, or similar things by co-workers, I now see that I do have a right to feel safe and protected. I’m so glad to see that there are people standing up for these hate crimes. They are hate crimes. You are right. Thank you.

  • Sandy Lepley said:

    As far hate crime I have MCS when landlord wanted me out he sprayed chemicals in yard I ended up in hospital almost died police say it civil I am in middle Civil rights case but there saying it is uncharter waters for them .if it was gun it is crime to police .then landlord turn around evicted me becuse i file civil rights for him using chemicals when he agree not too So been living in motel last 2 months I lived but been fighting just to live and trying find safe home live

  • deanna munson said:

    my landlord is also intentionally harming me to literal death.one cat poisoned,another killed violently 2-3 days before 4 yr perrenial organic garden under one window i could still open for fresh air got intentionally dug up by her mid season 2 yrs ago ,15 yr old cat killed 2-3 days after her little white paws and cut off tail left for me to find.on section 8 housing and ssi disability so i am not allowed any accomodation it seems .rendered permanently EHS from smartmeters mega transmitter fastened to my apartment 2009-2010 ,thats when i became weak and managers assaults with harrasments and chemical disburments caused permanent MCS and inability to eat most available foods.3 cats left ,all from the one beautiful rescued feral mother she had killed in the yard ,my smallest hasnt been able to tolerate the apartment since smartmeters so she has weathered 4-5 winters outside ,sneaks in for food at night.other cats still trying to recover endless assaults with chemistry/massive construction/constant employees surrounding apartment .she put cubes of poison in my garage for the rats that infest it due to the broken door and hole in back wall she refuses to fix along with the mold from the 5 leaks in the roof.no one will help.no one.medicaid wont test for toxins,all attempts to take legal action they tell me to call hotlines the first and third wednsday of each month between 9am-noon ,i am not even coherent that early from the fibro ,cfs,and mercury poisoning i became disabled from 15 yrs ago.5-6 applications in the past 2 weeks of various toxic poisons she defines as “green”(because she is lying about what and how often she is using them on me specifically).of course i sound like a lunatic ,my body has been in fight or flight for 6 straight years now.people have told me section 8 can allow me into a house in nature that accomodates my needs but no one will direct me on how to do that at all .no landlines offered here so with ehs i cannot use a cell ,and cannot use wifi ,only my wired in internet.there is no escape,14.5 acres of what was once a thriving creekside habitat just 4 yrs ago .i moved here in 2009 right before the smartmeters came,they were not deploying poisons like this or having 5-6 gas powered leaf blowers surrounding me or leveling habitat when i moved in.i am dying here.i AM suicidal,not because i dont want to live but because i am tortured endlessly by the smell of her poisons inside my apartment where i “sleep “.i am in beaverton oregon and it seems i find no information whatsoever for either ehs or mcs near me .the condition doesnt exist to the state ,to medicaid,or to “mental health workers” i am constantly being reffered to when i try to get help who love to assure everyone i try to work with that i am “delusional” .soon i fear they will lock me up in a psych ward surrounded by wifi ,feed me substandard food,force medicate with allopathic poisons ,put my cats in a shelter that will poison them and isolate them ,and assure all who knew my that it was “mental illness” that took my life.anyone who can help please contact at deamun1967@gmail.com .i am in fear for my life

  • Elizabeth said:

    I was assaulted in a Berkeley city park by a small group of males who were smoking in my face, then physically assaulted me by repeatedly kicking soccer balls near and on my face. since i am physically disabled as well i had to literally crawl away as i was trying to rest under a Redwood tree after a day of exposures. i did call the police and it is listed as hate crime, but they could not find the perps. This was in Cedar rose park in north Berkeley.

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