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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.

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Habitat for Humanity [links worldwide]

Care Suggestions and General Information

For the chemically injured . . . and those who wish to be safer
Also see EHN's sections on Organics and Shampoos.


For extensive list of articles, regarding the industry-staged "counterattack"
see EHN's General Links, page A, Articles on Halifax (a few appear below)

To learn more about the Halifax "counterattack" see Another Perspective,
which includes statements of those supporting cleaner air for all, and the industry.
  • C A S L E - Citizens for A Safe Learning Environment
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


  • Christian Science Monitor
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

    Hanford, Washington

    Harmful Algae Blooms (HABs)


    Harris Poll Online

    Hate Crimes

    Do the law enforcement officers, school administrators, workplace management teams, health care
    administrators, et al., around this country understand the nature of the hate crimes perpetrated
    against the already chemically injured? We are disabled by chemicals you may think of as
    benign, but believe me, that simply means you have a lot to learn. At least word is now getting out
    on the harmful effects of pesticides, but the ignorance that continues to be shown by the
    powers that be amazes me.

    I keep asking myself: If county health officials, members of the local police, doctors, and various
    management teams are still clueless about the effects of pesticides, acute and chronic, then how can
    I expect them to understand about poisoning someone by perfume? Nonetheless, I fully expect
    that they will use EHN's site to educate themselves about the toxins in pesticides and perfumes
    and then PROTECT those who have filed complaints against neighbors, colleagues, peers, and
    even members of management, who engage in hate crimes against the already chemically injured.


    Hate crimes against people who are paint-, perfume-, pesticide (HYDROCARBON)-poisoned can
    take the form of spraying pesticides on windy days so the chemicals spread, paint without
    warning, dump their paint clean-up on the property of the already injured, spray perfume
    around the work area of the individual, spray a fellow student in the face with perfume, spray
    pesticides or fragrances outside of doors, use fabric softeners at such a time as to adversely
    affect the health of the person the hate is directed against,... etc.

    Frankly, I've come to learn through my own experiences and those of others, that there is no limit
    to their imaginative means of further poisoning us. This has got to stop! And, it is up to the
    people with authority, to start believing the already chemically disabled people when we
    try to report such actions. Please do not dismiss us, further stultify us. We are not insane, but
    lack of concern and action by authority is maddening.

    To those in authority, I plead: Think of us as having a violent act committed against us. As
    with others under such circumstances, we become desperate, we may not be seen by you as fully
    rational at the moment. That would be a given for anyone suffering a traumatic event. But,
    it is more than just the emotional jolt that is normal to any other human being who has been hurt
    and intimidated by another, we have become poisoned by the chemicals that include

    Neurotoxins adversely affect the brain and the nervous systems. And knowing that, folks, is how
    I got myself through my years of harassment by a very few managers and colleagues -- it only
    takes one to pollute air and body. I told myself they were mentally affected by the very poisons
    they used and weren't in their "right" minds. Believe me, I had to remind myself of that daily
    and I didn't care whether that was a vialble excuse for their heinous actions, it kept me going
    in the workplace where I had to remain civil to them. Why not contact a lawyer, you might ask.
    I did. Several. A chemically disabled individual, it seems, is fair game. And from the request
    for help that I get, I don't see that changing. Yet.

    For those wishing to deal with toxic tort cases -- ATTORNEYS and clients -- please read,
    Chemical Injury and the Courts by Linda Price King
    For more information, see EHN's pages:

    Take Heart!
    Accommodation and access guidelines from cities, police, hospitals, workplaces, schools ...
    -- barb


    Hawkins, Joe

    Tyrone Hayes
    UC Berkeley Biologist who found Atrazine linked to deformed sexual organs of frogs
    Hazard Evaluation System and Information Service (HESIS)
    An Introduction to Chemical Hazards in the Workplace
    " ... What makes a chemical toxic?

    "The toxicity of a substance is its ability to cause harmful effects. These
    effects can strike a single cell, a group of cells, an organ system, or the
    entire body. A toxic effect may be visible damage, or a decrease in
    performance or function measureable only by a test. All chemicals
    can cause harm. When only a very large amount of the chemical can
    cause damage, the chemical is considered to be relatively non-toxic.
    When a small amount can be harmful, the chemical is considered toxic.

    "The toxicity of a substance depends on three factors: its chemical structure,
    the extent to which the substance is absorbed by the body, and the body's
    ability to detoxify the substance (change it into less toxic substances) and
    eliminate it from the body.

    "Are "toxic" and "hazardous" the same? "No. ..."


    189 Hazardous Air Pollutants
    The 1990 Clean Air Act (CAA)

    Hazardous Chemicals, Glossary by Lifekind

    Northern Maine Technical College Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
    This site only states that they have the MSDS on hand ... but you should see the
    common products listed as hazardous. -- barb

    If URL below doesn't work, search The US Code for "Hazardous Substances" under

    Head Lice
    Beware of pesticides! Some contain malathion. Following are some suggestions via links for
    dealing with head lice. Remember, they do not harm us or our pets . . . pesticides can harm us and
    our pets. I believe it is your right AND your obligation, to yourself, to your family and to the
    world around you, to investigate alternative methods to pest control. -- barb

    Also see Migraines

HEAL (Human Ecology Action League, Inc.)

Healing Our World

  • Headache Talk on Healthtalk Interactive
    "Dr. Lucas: 'Oh, Victoria, I totally sympathize with you. I have the same triggers.
    Sometimes I have to ask patients - they probably think I'm a mean doctor - to quit
    wearing certain types of perfumes, ones with flowery scents that are very, very strong . . ."

    Also see EHN's section, Bills of Rights

    and EHN's Take Heart! / Hospitals


  • Healthy People 2010

  • Healthy Schools Network


  • Healthy Travel

  • Healthy Workplace

    -- end healthy --


  • Heart

    By the bye, fragrance chemicals can cause a glich in the heart beat, heart palpitations
    and spikes or percipitous drops in blood preassure. I've known of several folks who were
    exposed to perfumes, had enough signs of stroking out that they underwent a battery of tests,
    only to be told that there was nothing wrong and so therefore, it must have been stress. It
    "stresses me out" no end that our medical experts do not even query the patient about exposures
    to modern synthetic scents, pesticides (which are also scented) and other high-emitting VOC
    consumer products. Our undereducated doctors are helping the pharmaceutical industry
    while harming us. No wonder rates of iatrogenic diseases and deaths are also soaring. -- barb

  • HELP FAST - Emergency information for the chemically injured
    Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or Environmental Illness Build New Lives

  • Henriette's Herbal Homepage

  • Herbal Gardens - organic

  • Herbal Medicine

  • ÝHerbMed ® "HerbMed ® - an interactive, electronic herbal database ‚ provides hyperlinked
    access to the scientific data underlying the use of herbs for health. It is an evidence-based
    information resource for professionals, researchers, and general public.
    "HerbMedÆ is a project of the Alternative Medicine Foundation, Inc.


  • Hesperian Foundation
    The Hesperian Foundation is part of a growing community health movement
    which promotes the right to health care for all people.

    High Blood Pressure -- one of the Many Chronic Symptoms of MCS
    Study the chemicals found in modern flavors and fraagrances . . . -- barb
    Holistic Healing Web Page a great resource
    Toxic Carpeting by Cindy Duehring

  • The Interagency Workgroupon Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
  • Jewish Hospital Recognizes MCS and Develops Policy

  • Kaiser Permanente
    Kaiser requests patients to arrive for appointments fragrance-free -- at least to
    many sections of Fabiola Building, Oakland, Calif. -- barb

  • Kaiser Watch


  • Merck Manual
    "The best-selling medical reference that has sold over 2 million copies worldwide."


  • Metagenics

  • Pediatric Database "[D]esigned by Dr. Alan Gandy (MD.,PhD.,FRCP(C)) while enrolled in the Pediatric
    Residency Programme at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario,
    Canada from 1990-1994. Presently he is a Consultant Pediatrician in Summerside,
    Prince Edward Island, Canada. ..."


  • Science Panel on Interactive Communication and Health (SciPICH)

  • S.P.O.T. The tampon health web site

  • Village Better Health

  • WebMDTMHealth

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    -- end herb category --

    Hesperia Museum and Nature Center
    "[T]he first of it's kind in the world, legally permitted to be built totally of earthen construction,
    as part of the Desert Village, Rodeo/Arena and other futuristic programs in Hesperia. "

    Dr. Gunnar Heuser, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.P.
    28240 West Agura Rd, Suite 203
    Agura Hills, CA 91 301
    Phone: ++1-818 -865- 1858
    Fax: ++1- 818 -856- 8814

    Dr. Alan R. Hirsch
    The Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation

    Hoaxes: Check them here first!

    Viruses? Also see EHN's


    -- end hoaxes --

    Holistic Sites

    • 1Healthy Universe


    • The Holistic Healing Web Page

      Home Grown Green
      Rich Kimball


    • Soil And Health Library
      Health begins in the soil; Healing begins with hygiene; Liberty begins with freedom.
      "This is a free public library offering full-text books about holistic agriculture, holistic
      health, self-sufficient homestead living, and personal development. Most of the titles in
      this library are out of print. Some of these books can be quite hard to find; many of
      them are old enough to be public domain materials. The library also offers a collection
      about why globalised society is resistant to changing its food and health systems.

      The titles in this library, when comprehended as an inter-related whole, constitute a
      self-guided course of study or curriculum that connects agricultural methods to the
      consequent health of animals and humans, shows how to prevent and heal disease and
      increase longevity. "


      Advanced Holistic Alternative Cancers Library - Answers, Research & Treatment


    • ThinkTwice
      "We offer many excellent publications on holistic health, AIDS, cancer, parenting, natural
      childcare, immunizations, homeschooling, spiritual growth, and more. "

      Also see their vaccine info site: "We offer the world's largest selection of uncensored
      information on childhood shots and other immunizations. Because this is such an
      important topic, we believe that parents are entitled to full disclosure of all pertinent data,
      and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children."

    • Jerry Wyker, MD
      Board Certified in Holistic Medicine
      Holistic Healing Center of Carmel
      25530 Rio Vista Drive
      Carmel, CA 93923
         Fax: 831-625-0467
         Phone: 831-625-0911


      • Advanced Testing and Screening
        " In addition to the conventional lab profiles, there are a number of advanced testing
        procedures now available that can facilitate optimum therapy. ..."



    Hoover's Company Information
    Look up company info, product info ...

    Hormone [endocrine] Disrupters & HRT

    Also see EHN's:
        Endocrine [Hormone] Disrupters



    HTML-- EHN uses PageSpinner

    Hotels - B&Bs - Inns - Motels - Retreats
    As more and more establishments are beginning to understand that there are inevitable health
    risks* associated with petrochemical-derived fragrances, it is easier to find FRAGRANCE-FREE
    accommodation. Nonetheless, I hope this list helps you find something safe for your stay.

    I would like to add to this list of places some of us have found to be safe. However, I need YOUR
    input. Please email info to me at

    Thank you. --barb

    *See Symptoms:


    • Air Quality Becomes An Issue With Hotels
      Note from barb, For my money, the paragraph that says it all is:
      "Air quality just 'wasn't on the industry's radar screen,' says Gus Newbury, vice president
      of engineering at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc., which owns the
      Sheraton and Westin brands. 'There have been no standards, so it's been difficult to know
      what to do.' "

    • Breathing Easy In America's First Environmentally-Smart Hotel
      By Jennifer Bogo; Jan-Feb 2000; E-Magazine

    • Delta Chelsea Inn, Toronto
      "... The hotel has ten „environmentally sensitive¾ rooms..."


    • Eco Directory - Travel (resources)
      From their home page, click on Eco Travel, Bed & Breakfasts. -- barb


    • El Santuario Eco Retreat Center
      Baja California


    • Extended Stay America
      I know of one of these hotels in the SF Bay Area that will respect the needs of the chemically
      sensitive and not clean with scented products while you stay with them. However, they do clean
      in between guests with scented products. And, as I reacted to "something" when I stepped
      into their lobby, I've learned from desk personnel that they do pipe in air "fresheners" through
      their ventilating system. Apparently, this is a corporate, not local, decision. You, too, can
      write to corporate headquarters about these practices at -- barb


    • EverGreen Rooms by Hartford
      Hotel rooms

    • Florida Hotels, an article

    • Green Hotels Association
      Water saving, energy saving, . . . I can't find anything about being fragrance-free. barb


    • GREEN products, according to the US Dept. of the Interior --
      "MUST NOT contain petrochemical-derived fragrances." [emphasis added]


    • GreenSuites International
      (Provides product list)

    • Habitat Suites


      • Our Environmental Side
        We do many things in our everyday practice to support our goals; a few of them are:
          Grounds are maintained with the use of natural, nontoxic fertilizers and pesticides
          Nontoxic, phosphate-free, natural cleansers used in cleaning
          Air ozonators/ionizers used for clean air quality in suites
          Biodegradable, recycled, unbleached paper products/recycling program
          Ladybugs populate our ground for healthy plants, the natural chemical free way


    • Hampton Inns
      Now, I cannot speak for all Hampton Inns, nor for everyone living with the effects of chemical
      injury. The OBVIOUS stated, I can say that I had no trouble in any of the Hampton Inns in
      which we stayed. We always asked to do a "nose check" before accepting a room. In my
      particular case, I could sleep on their sheets and use their towels. My son even used their shampoo
      and that did not set me off. However, I always travel with my own shampoo and soap . . . even
      pillows and sheets, which has come in handy from time to time. Best wishes for safer, greener
      travel. And, remember, the Dept of the Interior states that if it is GREEN it MUST NOT
      contain petrochemical derived-fragrances. [emphasis added] -- barb

      Reserve online or Call 1-800-HAMPTON;jsessionid=TKW4WTLBOVIV2CSGBI1MVCQKIYFC5UUC


    • "Healthy Hotels", an article
      SF Bay Guardian:

    • Hotels, Apartments Specializing in Sensitivity Training
      Real Estate News And Advice; September 2, 1999
      By Stuart Lieberman, Esq

    • Jack London Inn
      Offering guests a full-service hotel in the heart of historic Jack London Square
      for over 30 years has made Jack London Inn an Oakland tradition.
      444 Embarcadero West
      Oakland, CA 94607
      Ph: (800) 549-8780
      or (510) 444-2032
      Fax: (510) 834-3074
      NOTE: A friend stayed here in September 2000. She had asked that they clean
      her room with only water, not add soaps, etc. They complied. She was healthy AND
      enjoyed the locale. -- barb


    • Lake House Bed & Breakfast "Located on Lake Sammamish in the town of Sammanish, between Redmond and
      Issaquah, the Lake House Bed and Breakfast is a private lodge retreat. ...
      "We promote a healthful environment, serving local, fresh and organic meals, and using
      only allergy-relief bedding and chemical-free cleaning aids. Smoking not permitted
      on the premisis."


    • Lake Tahoe, California
      Bed and Breakfast -- The Shore House
      "The Shore House at Lake Tahoe, located in Tahoe Vista, CA on the North Shore
      of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The Shore House is the ultimate Northern California
      vacation getaway, centrally located to all of the lake and mountain activities.
      Balconies and decks, offering fabulous panoramic views of our pristine lake and
      surrounding snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains, surround each floor. ..."
        As one may guess when thinking of Tahoe, it ain't cheap. But as a fellow MCSer writes:
        "We had a great time in Tahoe, fully accomodated at the B&B there ( ...

        "I highly recommend this place for any one at my level of sensitivity or below. Extremely
        sensitive people might have trouble; we did have to take out extra pillows, for
        example, and I didn't use their sheets. But they don't use air fresheners, all wood furniture,
        and I didn't smell the carpets or drapes. Of course you would have to
        speak to the innkeepers in advance!! You are right on the shore of Lake Tahoe, can go
        swimming right there, kayaking from there, etc.

    • The Natural Place - Environmental Residence and Hotel
      For People With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS)


    • New Life Retreat and Spa - Center for Renewal and Healing
      Lanark County, (50 min SW of Ottawa) Ontario, Canada
      Phone: (613) 259-3337
      Fax: (613) 259-3031
      E-mail Us


    • OKOTEL, Hamburg: die komfortable alternative

    • Pride and Joy Environmental Resort catering to MCS and EI

    • The Safer Travel Directory - Travel accommodation guide for the chemically sensitive person


    • San Francisco Hotels - a Sunset article by Jeff Phillips
      Please NOTE: I have not had a chance to research any of the hotels mentioned in the article to
      see if they implement "cleaner air" policies. For now (2/23/01) I simply lead you to this
      article. IF you do decide to stay in one of these hotels and find that you can breathe, please let
      me know and I shall share that info with others. Thanks. -- barb

    • Super 8
      As in any case, check out for yourself, but I was able to stay in Super 8 motels
      in 1997, 1999, and off and on during the 2000s. At every Super 8, we were
      allowed to first check the room before signing in. -- barb wilkie

    • Travel and MCS - includes hotel references

    Household Products

    Also see Consumer Products


      Consumer Products


      National arm*A*Syst and Home*A*Syst Program
      Click on a state's name to learn what information is available in that state.
      California has limited information, but Missouri has many links. -- barb

      Household Hazardous Waste Products

      Household Products
      • Commercial Detergent Alternatives

      • Facts about household products, The

        • Prepared by: Kathleen Parrott, Ph.D., Associate Professor/Housing Extension Specialist
          Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
          Quoting Script for transparency #3
          Indoor air quality can be impacted by some chemicals used to clean, protect, maintain, and
          decorate the home and its furnishings, for personal care and grooming, and for hobbies.

          Products can release chemicals into the air during use, as the product dries or cures, or off
          gas as the products age.

          Examples of household products that could be an indoor air quality problem:
          paints cleaning products hobby products
          varnishes disinfectants cosmetics and personal care products
          waxes degreasers  
          strippers pesticides  
          caulking adhesives air fresheners  

      • Indoor Air Pollution Fact Sheet - Household Products
        American Lung Association - ALA
        This page contains important information and it surely is worth reading. Unfortunately,
        the unsuspecting public is led to believe that the problems given are simply associated with
        "Aerosol spray products,... Chlorine bleach and Rug and upholstery cleaners." Again, you
        get information on adverse health effects of fragrances from the ALA by innuendo.

        This page conveniently ignores the fact that our modern petrochemically derived FRAGRANCES
        have been crafted to quickly volatilize, and to waft further and last longer on the ambient air.
        It matters not whether FRAGRANCES are used as colognes or perfume, or are found in an
        enormous variety of personal care products, or in our household and janitorial cleaning and
        maintenance products, fragrances can cause the health problems listed. A real hasardous
        household polluter is fabric softeners. Not only does its scent and other chemicals pollute the
        fabric in the laundry facility and the home or building housing that laundry area, but those
        chemicals pollute the outdoor air for blocks around while in use in the laundry. Then they pollute
        the air -- AND OUR BODIES -- when the laudered item is worn or used.

        FRAGRANCES are made to become one with the air we all must breathe, regardless of stage of
        development or heath. ONLY YOU can make a difference by purchasing safer, cleaner products. -- barb


      Housing --
      Please remember, I bring you information appearing on this site as a courtesy. It is not a
      substitute for your own good common sense, or professional health care or advice gained
      elsewhere. Please use only as a tool to assist you in gathering information, which you have every
      right to know. A health care practitioner should always be consulted for any health problem
      and a lawyer consulted for any legal matter . . . and for this section, I suggest you
      contact your own real estate agent, using information available from EHN to educate
      those who have never heard of MCS or fragrance sensitization or perfume poisoning or
      pesticide poisoning, or poisoning by carpets, paints, and other building materials.

      And, to further help you to help yourself and others, I suggest a visit to SaferBuilding at -- barb

      Remember! Federal Fair Housing Law
      HUD- 928.1 (8-93)

      It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of:
      • Race,
      • Color,
      • Religion,
      • Sex,
      • Handicap,
      • Familial status, or
      • National origin.
      Complaints? Call:
      1.800.699.9777 (toll free)
      1.800.927.9275 (TDD)


        May 6, 2006 -- Ecology House

        Dear Folks,
        I am announcing again that the Ecology House waiting list is still open &
        accepting applications. I would like to urge everyone to sign up for it
        who needs MCS-safe housing. Ecology House is a HUD sponsored housing
        complex, so you need to be low income to apply. Call Jose Felix, Manager
        to apply: 415-456-4453. He is in on Mondays & Thursdays, but you can
        leave a message anytime.


      EHN's limited attempt at ads

      EHN doesn't generally handle housing ads on its website as does Cyndi Norman and her
      Immune Web Classifeds -- --
      but as housing is so tight in the SF Bay Area, I'll build ads from time to time if the folks
      request it of me. PLEASE remember to let me know when the rooms/apartments
      or houses have been rented.
      And everyone, please know/remember that when
      I'm not working, or my computer is not working, EHN's site is not updated.

      This website is a one-pony show.

      PLEASE! If the space offered doesn't seem to fit your needs, please, please do not
      try to put extra demands on the individual renting or selling. There are some folks
      with MCS who will find the home an ideal setting, without added burdens to the
      one offering the space.

      IF you do accept the housing arrangement, then do everything in your power to be
      the perfect guest and follow "House Rules." (I invoked "House Rules" when
      raising my children and when serving as hostess to their friends. It worked well with
      the young folks, I hope HOUSE RULES will work with those who can offer space
      and for those living with MCS who must seek shelter on either a temporary or
      more permanent basis.) Thanks for your cooperation. Remember, the person offering
      the home or space may well be living with MCS, CFIDS, FM, GWS, . . . too. -- barb

        For information on accommodating those with fragrance sensitization, you may wish to check out:
        Fragrance-Free Defined by Ecology House Residents


          May 6, 2006

          Dear Folks,
          I am announcing again that the Ecology House waiting list is still open &
          accepting applications. I would like to urge everyone to sign up for it
          who needs MCS-safe housing. Ecology House is a HUD sponsored housing
          complex, so you need to be low income to apply. Call Jose Felix, Manager
          to apply: 415-456-4453. He is in on Mondays & Thursdays, but you can
          leave a message anytime.


      • MCS Safe Shelter USA
        To learn more about the mcssafesheltersusa group, please visit, and then join if you care to:


        Arizona --

        California --

          Northern California

          • Realtor/Broker in Berkeley -- check with Carol T. Jekabson before you despair of ever finding an agent.
            Carol T. Jekabson Realty
            Voicemail: 510.273.9322
            Ms. Jekabson has been selling for 18 years and handles both buying and selling of homes.
            She has capably served several clients who had hyper allergies.

            I received this name from another broker. Other than my brief phone call, I do not know her, nor
            does she know me. She graciously allowed me to put up her contact information to help those
            of you seeking a realtor who may understand your needs of MCS accommodation.

            Ms. Jekabson impressed me by telling me she has learned from her clients. Ahhhh, someone
            willing to learn what we need in the form of accommodation so we may have access. Good luck to
            one and all! -- barb

            Well, now, an update as of Apr. 2006 and this fits into SMALL WORLD category. I have just
            heard from a friend, who was Googling her sister and came up with EHN's website and couldn't
            figure out why until she saw this section. Little did I know. Now, thanks to my friend I have a
            website for Carol T. Jekabson Realty . . .

          • Corte Madera
            Studio Apartment Available (single studio, next to family dwelling)
            320 sq ft ~$900; partially furnished; ground level; separate entrance; quiet street
            EI conscious landlord, does own repairs; relatively (but not super) safe;
            considering accepting section 8
            Email Sandy Ross,


          • San Rafael
              Check with folks to see if they have recently remodeled any houses for the already chemically injured. Their press release can be read at:
              Press release:

            • 2 bedroom in-law unit in a private, non-toxic home, in cental Marin County.*
              Treat yourself to a lifestyle you can only find in a private home. This sunny in-law unit
              has a double glass door private entry, separate living space and private bath. Situated in a
              non-toxic home, made of all natural materials, it features a cathedral ceiling and
              Italian tile floors. The kitchen is all electric, and the unit has it's own washer/dryer. The
              unit has a private redwood deck with views of surrounding hillsides and a baby
              redwood grove. Enjoy living in an ecology-minded home, constructed with all natural
              materials and "green oriented" fragrance free neighbors just like you. No pesticides have
              been used on the property since 1991.
              Photos online at: _

              Keep this site in mind when looking in San Rafael, Marin County, California. -- barb


            _________ Contact or call 510-610-1374.
          • WANTED: Marin County, particularly
            EI/MCS - SAFE(R) Housing wanted Northern California

            Laurie Frank has been looking for safe housing in MARIN.
            Must accept section 8. If you have any leads, leave a
            message at 415-267-6162. (Fall 2001)


          • Mendocino

            Dear Friends,
            We are still looking for housing.

            We must be out of our home by October 10 and we have not been able to find a home
            with even the basic "safer housing" needs. These basics include a country property
            where no herbicides or pesticides have been used in the home or on the property, no
            newer synthetic carpets, no fresh paint (this one has been the most difficult to find!), and
            partial wheelchair access (BDR, BA, Kitchen). Please see the attached flyer for information.

            As our deadline approaches we have increased our geographic parameters to include
            Gualala (Mendocino County, CA) to Ferndale (Humboldt County, CA), from the
            coast to 8 miles in.Ý

            We are willing to consider any "safer" housing including smaller spaces, or 2 separate
            spaces as interim housing while we continue to look. Short-term housing is another
            stop-gap measure. If we are able to only find housing for one, it is most important
            that we find safe housing for Naja. I can camp, or couch surf. Naja is physically unable to.

            Do you know of anyone with property/housing for sale who may be willing to rent
            it out for the winter? Often homes on the market during the Autumn and Winter sit
            unsold until the Spring. At least their home could be bringing in a rental income and
            providing much needed temporary shelter.

            Please continue to keep me and Naja in mind. We can be reached at
            707-937-2490 or

            After October 10, you can still contact me at my email address, or at

              P. O. Box 988,
              Mendocino CA 95460.

            We really appreciate your help, best wishes, and prayers.
            Thanks, Frieda


            Office, Kitchen/Dining Area, LR(cathedral ceilings, floor to ceiling windows with garden
            and forest views), Foyer/Mud Room, 1800 sq. ft. With a 1BDR, 1 BA, detached cabin.
            On 5 acres in Pygmy Forest. Large landscaped garden, and a fenced vegetable garden,
            with the remaining acreage Pygmy to transitional Redwood Forest. 1.5 miles from
            the ocean and the village of Mendocino.

            The main house is a Lindal Cedar home. It is approximately 14 years old. The kitchen,
            bathrooms, and foyer are linoleum. Allthe ceilings are knotty cedar. The bedrooms, living
            room, office, and hallway floors are organic wool carpeting, which is tacked down.
            The inside of the house down stairs, has wheelchair access to the kitchen, living room,
            dining room, and foyer, the back bedrooms and bathroom are tight through the
            doors, and are at difficult angles, the three stairs to the landing at the entry would need
            to be ramped. The cabinets contain some particle board and countertops are formica-
            like, both are original and seem mostly outgassed.

            There is a cast iron spiral staircase up to the master bedroom and bathroom, the
            remaining rooms are on the first floor. A very ice house in a beautiful setting. No
            herbicides, pesticides, freshpaints, or finishes have been used in the main house or on
            the property for at least 7 years, no scented or chemical cleaning products for the past
            4 years,

            the product history prior to that is unknown. The cabin is newer construction, with
            commercial carpeting, and newer linoleum. There is an open application for a cell tower
            to be built approximately 700 feet from the property, while there is local opposition
            to this application, recent developments have compromised Mendocino's wireless
            free status. Property is not on the market yet.

            Landlord is asking $750,000. Anyone seriously interested in buying this home should
            contact our buyer's agent for aÝ comparative market analysis of this property. Please

            only call or email if you are seriously interested. We are E.I.tenants, we'd like to see
            E.I. people in this home. We would be VERY pleased to stay in the home while the
            process of selling took place, and beyond if possible, otherwise we will be forced to
            move by October 10. Thanks. 707-937-2490 or

        • San Carlos
          2 bd 2 ba apt to share in San Carlos w/view
          "suzanne" replace the 2 with an @

        • Santa Rosa area
          Room in EI safe house will be available in Santa Rosa area for female EI only.
          Share house with one other EI woman. Sorry no pets! Please call for more info:


        Southern California --

        Florida --

        • The Natural Place
          Environmentally friendly Residence and Hotel
          For people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Since 1992
          • No smoking or pets
          • Non-Toxic Pest Control
          • Filtered Air and Water
          • Natural Fragrance-Free Cleaners
          • 100% Cotton Bedding and Linen
          • Ocean and BeachÝone andÝa halfÝblocks
          • Reduced Long Term Rates
          Alan and Joyce Charney (954) 428-5438
          1917 NE 5th St., Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


        • SARASOTA, FL


        • Tampa, FL
          HOUSE FOR SALE, Tampa, FL 33604. Fantastic buy in North Tampa,
          3 bedrooms, 2 baths, two offices, ceramic tile in living areas, carpet in bedrooms,
          large all-electric kitchen, large shed & treehouse for the kids.
          Price $113,500. Built 1979, 1,386 SqFt
          Owner-occupied. MLS: 2000071 (Area 220).
          Agent: Alison DiChristopher. Office 813-949-7444, Home 813-961-1188.
          Or write to me

          For more detailed info, including pictures, front and back, see EHN's special info page


        Oregon - A public service announcement ...
        This is a start-up project. -- barb (12/01)
          Environmentally Safer Housing
          We are dedicated to providing a community housing facility for the chemically sensitive
          in a clean air environment to include rental apartments, a community center, grounds
          for trailers, tents and organic gardens. We plan to develop duplexes and/or individual
          home sites for sale and/or rent in the future.

        Texas --
        • Entered Dec. 9, 2003 . . . Right now, the family doesn't know when it will become available.
          Can be divided into two five acre lots with homes for sale to two people.

          "Celebrated Texas Healthy Home For Sale -- Live wrapped in the arms of nature. Home
          full of happiness and good health looking for special new owners! Ideal for people
          seeking privacy, space, and good air. Access to Blanco River. ..."

          " ... Designed for healthy living, all wood "tree house" on 10 wooded acres with river
          access, guest house and large two story garage, rainwater collection and two wells,
          tornado shelter; For Sale By Owner $393,000."


        • Entered Sept. 20, 2003 . . .
          Dallas, Texas -- Specialty Environmental Housing: Apartments for the chemically sensitive
          --Located in Dallas, Texas --Very close to EI doctors
          --Short-term or longer-term --All Electric, safe neighbors
          --Furnished or unfurnished =>for information, call 214-696-0477


        • Entered July 2, 2003 . . . Price reduction: $159,000.00 or best offer
          Marfa Texas, 26 miles from college town (Alpine).
          Marfa's population is 2,400.
          Clean dry air, elevation 4668 ft.
          No farming for 65 miles, no industry.
          House built 1915.
          Brick exterior, renewed cement btwn bricks.
          12 yr-old paint, 11 yr.old roof.
          Heating ducts to Dr. Rae's specs.
          MCSÝowner last 6 years, non-toxic elderlyÝowner prior.
          One rampable step up to porch, former owner used wheelchair.
          On paved road.
          1938 square feet plus porches.
          10-foot ceilings.
          3 "Casa Blanca" ceiling fans
          Patio, grape arbor, fruit trees.
          InteriorÝwalls areÝstucco.
          Kitchen counters are stainless steel.
          Rental unit counter is porcelain.
          On 1/3 acre fenced with chain link.
          Great health food store in Alpine.
          Tucson Coop Warehouse buying club.
          Has rental unit attached with own bathroom.
          2-car detached garage, wired 220.
          Next door neighbor present 2 wks./year.
          Dr. William Rea of environmental health center recommends area. About 30 E.I.s
          Population 2100 cooperative neighbors. Some furniture plus porch and yard.
          All appliances 2-5 years old . Detached garage. 3 phone lines in house, 2 garage
          satalite TV system. Good doctors and dentist organic food too.
          Call Livingston Real Estate atÝ(432) 729-4306.
          safer-air part
          of Texas, as depicted on Scorecard. Call 915.729.4916 -- barb
      • Virginia, Quantico --

        LUSTRON homes "free" to anyone who can arrange
        disassembly and removal from Quantico VA military base.
        For more Elnasgreenhouse$
        [Replace $ with the other symbol] Serious inquiries only, please.



      --end EHN ads, but not end of Housing info, keep on scrolling! --

      Alpha Omega Christian Communities For The Chemically Injured

      The Bay Area Homeless Alliance (BAHA)

      Housing Listings - being reviewed 3/9/00, but check anyway

      Or, you can do an all county search for housing

      Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law
      Legal advocacy for the civil rights and human dignity of people with mental disability

    • Build a house!
      REALWOOD, a green contractor, is designing an MCS-safe house and is looking for
      someone who wants to have one built. We also do consultations, remodels and furniture.
      Call Real Lapalme at 510.540.1255. See RealWood website


    • Building a house in Snowflake, Arizona
      You can take a picture tour of Dwight and Kathy's house. -- barb


    • Building Our House (MCS Housing in Snowflake, AZ)
    • Safer Housing For The Chemically Sensitive To Be Built In KY


    • St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
      Office of Community Planning and Development

    • Snowflake, Arizona


    • Toxic releases in/near the neighborhood?

    • Tri-County Apartment Association Website

    • US Green Building Council (USGBC)

    • Vermont - Healthy Homes -

    • WeOwn.Net
      If you are looking for information about Housing Cooperatives or
      any other type of affordable, resident controlled multi-family housing ...

    -- end housing --

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    H.R. 1947, SNIFF

    The Safe Notification and Information For Fragrances act will be given assigned
    a new number when it is re-introduced in the 108th Congress which convenes, 01/03.

    Safe Notification and Information For Fragrances act
    Introduced by Rep Jan Schakowsky (D IL) and co-sponsored by
    Rep Shelley Berkley (D NV) and Rep Chaka Fattah (D PA).
    "To amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to
    require that fragrances containing known toxic substances
    or allergens be labeled accordingly. "

    NOTE: Clicking on the URL below will take you to Thomas Legislative Information
    on the Internet. Enter hr 1947 in the box, "By Bill Number and click the search button. -- barb


  • HRP - Office for Human Research Protections
    " ... The first provision of the Code states that "the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential." Freely given consent to participation in research
    is thus the cornerstone of ethical experimentation involving human subjects. The Code
    goes on to provide the details implied by such a requirement: capacity to consent,
    freedom from coercion, and comprehension of the risks and benefits involved. Other
    provisions require the minimization of risk and harm, a favorable risk/benefit ratio,
    qualified investigators using appropriate research designs, and freedom for the subject to
    withdraw at any time. Similar recommendations were made by the World Medical
    Association in its Declaration of Helsinki: Recommendations Guiding Medical Doctors in
    Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects, first adopted by the 18th World
    Medical Assembly in Helsinki, Finland, in 1964, and subsequently revised by the 29th
    World Medical Assembly, Tokyo, Japan, 1975, and by the 41st World Medical Assembly,
    Hong Kong, 1989. The Declaration of Helsinki further distinguishes therapeutic from
    nontherapeutic research. ... " [emphasis added]
    Have users or non-consenting secondhand users of our modern synthetic fragrances given
    voluntary consent to the petrochemical contents of our modern synthetic fragrances? -- barb

    Huber Research

  • Member of RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials)
    Service Laboratories


  • Flavors


  • Fragrances


  • This is a typical example of a perfumistic interpretation
    "Interpretation of Fred Hayman's Type 273 [TM] Rodeo Drive for women"

  • Menthol Adulteration
    Menthol is a commodity widely used in mouth wash or toothpaste, candies, cigarettes,
    and many other products.


  • HUD and MCS
    Under Government listings on EHN's site, but this topic is so important, I decided to
    cross-reference here, too. -- barb

    "In sum, we conclude that MCS and EI can constitute handicaps
    under the Act. Our conclusion is consistent with the weight of
    both federal and state judicial authority construing the Act and
    comparable legislation, the Act's legislative history, as well as
    the interpretation of other Federal agencies, such as the Social
    Security Administration and the Department of Education,
    construing legislation within their respective domains. The
    Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice has also
    informed us that it believes MCS and EI can be handicaps under
    the Act. In addition, HUD has consistently articulated this
    position, and FHEO agrees with our conclusion."


  • Hudson Fish Company
    Fresh and smoked King Salmon and other fish in SF Bay Area
    The Hudson's are selling their boat and buying a larger one. Pictures available. -- barb

    Hudson Institute - Thinking the Unthinkable - Impacting Lives

    Hudson River Story

    Huffing and fragrance chemical abuse

    Human Anatomy On-Line

    Human Ecology Action League, Inc. (HEAL)
    (A fuller listing is above, under HEAL)

    Human Genome

    Humor -- read at your own risk
    EHN does not endorse any product, service or therapy -- not even humor! -- barb

    The Hunger Site

    Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogenated Oils-The Silent Killers
    68 Year Old Tom Smith Knows

    by David Lawrence Dewey
    © October 15th, 1998 - All Rights Secured

    Hygenaire -- safer products, consulting
    Products Designed By & For People with Severe Allergies

    Hyperberic Oxygen Treatment
    Not listed as a healer for Acute Renal Failure, nor Chronic Renal Failure, but I'm trying it nonetheless. -- barb

    • HBOT Online
      " ..... HBOT Online is a service designed to provide you with a central source of
      information about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy; a foundation therapy for acute and
      chronic wounds of all types......we want your news and stories for HBOT
      us at "





    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center of Marin
      Dr. Todd S. Kaufmann Clinical Director
          21 Tamal Vista Blvd., Ste 210
          Corte Madera, CA 94925
          (800) 635-4334
          (415) 927-0749
          (415) 924-6478 fax

      And in Sonoma County . . .
          2454 West Third Street
          Santa Rosa, CA 95401
          (707) 541-0749
          (888) 655-5757


    • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, and Stroke
      This note is not as promising as I'd like, but that qualifier, DO NOT ALWAYS, gives me some hope.
      "... The principle that redirecting flow toward ischemic areas can help damaged tissue
      recover is well established in cardiology. However, in critical care generally, drugs and
      maneuvers that redirect flow to ischemic organs (e.g., brain and kidney) do not always
      improve recovery at the cellular level. For this reason, improved blood flow must be
      linked to other measures of cellular and organ recovery. ..."


    • Rapid Recovery Hyperbarics: Research References


    • Richmond Hyperbaric Health Center
      Unit #4 - 12180, Horseshoe Way, Richmond, B.C. Canada V7A 4V5
      Tel: (604) 277-8608Ý Fax: (604) 277-8628Ý
      Toll Free: 1-888-373-0888
      Now here are some encouraging words and I thank the author for sharing her kidney experiences!
      "... Over the next 10 years, with a vegetarian diet, and lifestyle change, I was able to
      forestall dialysis until the age of 45. I firmly believe, that had I known about HBOT
      (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), I would not probably even need dialysis now and that the
      possibility of renal function recovery could have occurred at the onset of discovery of
      this current condition, that of kidney disease. For I know of individuals who, with the
      levels of creatinine (level of toxin in the body) that I have hadÝ (about 300), have
      experienced return of function in their kidneys. ... "


    • San Francisco Preventive Medical Group's Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
      Dr. Joel Lopez is my doctor. It could be argued that he's saved or extended my life by telling me
      about fish peptides to lower blood pressure, rather than taking the prescribed blood pressure
      medicine that further damages kidneys.-- barb

         345 West Portal Ave
         San Francisco CA 94127
         415 566-1000
         Fax 415 665-6732


    Too little or too much thyroid hormone can elevate blood pressure. Kidney disease can elevate
    blood pressure. And, overlooked by the western medical industry . . . petrochemical-derived
    FRAGRANCES. "Fragrance" or "Parfum" on the label means the product has been released to
    market without full substantiation of safety by an unregulated industry, unleashing unknown
    combinations of unknown chemicals upon the market without government supervision or
    regulation. (Unless you pay to have an analysis run, or visit EHN or FPIN sites, you'll not have a clue as to
    the toxic chemicals found in "fragrance."). -- barb

  • Hypospadias

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