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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.


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  • Vaccines

    My brother and I were raised without shots, but I was given the smallpox vaccination for
    entry into kindergarten -- I can still remember my swollen arm. My vaccination was given on
    the underside of my arm so I'd not have a scar . . . but boy, was that a painful area for weeks!
    Do your research, then try to have a frank discussion with your practioner. By the way,
    do you know about "hot lots"? See
    Also, see below, US Dept of Health and Human Services section. It is up to you to learn about
    vaccines. Print out info that is important to you and take it to your doctor. -- barb

    Also see Shaken Baby Syndrome

    And to follow any bill given, go to Thomas Legislative Information on the Internet


  • Vaccinations: What You Don't Know Could Hurt Your Children
    Article by Joan Batista

  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) & "Hot Lots"
    " ... Based on the data we have analyzed, we have identified MANY lot numbers that
    are associated with a higher number of serious injury and death reports. A complete
    print-out is available for $25. Many parents order the report and check on the lot
    number their child might receive with the lot numbers in the report. ..."



  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) -- FDA

    Remember, "Adverse Event" can mean your child is dead or disabled for life.

  • Vaccine Information & Awareness
    We Must Have The Freedom To Choose & Respect Everyone's Choice
    "Vaccine Information & Awareness (VIA) empowers parents to question, challenge,
    investigate, research and become more informed and aware about vaccine risks and
    dangers that exist. The major philosophy of VIA, however, is to ensure that Freedom
    of Choice is not taken away from each parent. The decision to vaccinate is one that
    should and must be made by the parent alone. ..."
    Lots of resource info on this site -- including vaccine info for your pets. -- barb


  • Vaccine Safety
    Classen Immunotherapies, Inc.
    "Vaccines have been proven to cause insulin dependent diabetes
    and many are seeking compensation from the US government for
    this vaccine induced injury."


  • Vaccine Safety
    "A Description of Vaccine Risk to Children by Dr. John Martin"


  • Vaccine Safety from ChronIllnet

  • Vaccine Truth
    "You are about to find out what I never wanted to know about vaccines.
    I would love to be proven wrong about what I have discovered. So please,
    if you have information to the contrary, share it with me. ..."


    • The Truth Serums
      By: Wendy Callahan
      " ... I was told, If children are going to have seizures, they just happen to start
      around the time of vaccinations and this is just a coincidence. ..." [page 2]


  • Vaccines, Immunization and Biologicals
    WHO - World Health Organization


  • The Verge of Vaccine Mania:
    A Shot for This, a Shot for That. How Much Is Too Much?

    By Nicholas Regush

  • The Virus and the Vaccine
    A simian virus known as SV40 has been associated with a number of rare
    human cancers. This same virus contaminated the polio vaccine administered to
    98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963. Federal health officials see little reason for
    concern. A growing cadre of medical researchers disagree
    by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher; The Atlantic Monthly; February 2000

  • WHALE Vaccination resource
    Note: This site is recommended by ChemTox. -- barb

    -- end vaccine info --


  • Exxon Valdez


    • Anchorage Daily News


      • Hard Aground - 10 years of stories, photos and reference material
        "All components of this site are copyright 1989-1999 by the Anchorage Daily News,
        Anchorage, Alaska unless otherwise noted. "


      • Legacy of the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
        A special feature published by the Anchorage Daily News. March 21-24, 1999

        "Oil spill scarred otters 2 studies report long-term effects ."
        This page provides links to many stories. -- barb


      • Still painful 10 years later,
        front-line spill workers link physical ailments to cleanup work

        By NATALIE PHILLIPS; Daily News reporter


      Chicago Tribune
      Erin Brockovich probing Exxon Valdez cleanup
      By Mary Pemberton; The Associated Press; November 6, 2001, 6:18 AM CST



    • Court overturns $5 billion Exxon Valdez award
      By David Kravets, Associated Press Writer; November 7, 2001, 5:56 PM EST
      "SAN FRANCISCO -- The $5 billion punitive damages award against Exxon Mobil Corp.
      in the 1989 Valdez oil spill is excessive, a federal appeals court ruled today. The court
      ordered a judge to determine a lesser amount. ..."
      Hmmmm, and I felt $5 B was too small considering the damage to the area and ALL of its
      inhabitants . . . and just taking a look at the human angle, the loss of health and livelihoods. -- barb,0,5676960.story?coll=dp-breaking-news


    • EPA and the Exxon Valdez


    • Exxon Valdez Spill Offers Surprising Cleanup Lessons
      KEITH JOHNSON & GAUTAM NAIK / Wall Street Journal 22nov02


    • Exxon Valdez: Ten Years After
      By Jessica Moore
      "The toll of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill is a sadly familiar one: 250,000 dead
      birds, 2,800 sea otters, 300 harbor seals – all victims of the oil tanker that ran
      over a reef late one April night and drained 11 million gallons of oil into Prince
      William Sound. But most people are unaware that the tragedy did not only affect
      wildlife: many of the thousands of workers who helped clean up the spill have
      suffered serious health problems ever since. These are the workers that stood in the
      brown foam 18 hours a day, slept with oil matted in their hair, breathed in the thick
      hydrocarbon haze, and ate food speckled with oil.


    • Los Angeles Times
      After a period of time, you have to pay for Times articles. -- barb


      • Exxon Oil Spill's Cleanup Crews Share Years of Illness
        Health: Workers say chemical exposure left them debilitated.
        Firm insists toxicity was low. (Soooo, what else is new? -- barb)
        By KIM MURPHY; TIMES STAFF WRITER; November 5 2001
        "..."Stubblefield hasn't worked since. He gasps when he breathes, gets
        spasms when he is exposed to perfume, cigarette smoke, truck exhaust.
        'He'll never breathe right again. Never,' said his former wife,
        Melissa Stubblefield. 'If he even starts to laugh, he gets to
        coughing so he gasps for air.' ... "
        PERFUME caught my eye. Stubblefield and others with the Valdez clean-up, how many more
        with the Pentagon and World Trade Center horrific events? Remember, our government gave
        false air assurances and the mayor of New York, rushed people back into that area. And
        remember all the earlier scense of rescue workers with no masks or masks hanging on their
        chests. MCS in the making! -- barb


    • Gregory Palast's Columns - Exxon Valdez


    • Jill Rabe's Home Page


    • Lawyers probe health claims of Exxon Valdez spill cleanup workers
      By MARY PEMBERTON; Associated Press Writer
      Kenai Peninsula Online; Web posted Tuesday, November 6, 2001
      "ANCHORAGE (AP) -- Workers who suspect they suffered serious health problems
      from helping clean up the 11-million-gallon Exxon Valdez oil spill are being asked to
      come forward.

      "Erin Brockovich and her boss, California lawyer Ed Masry, have teamed up with
      Anchorage attorney Michael Schneider to look into reports of health problems among
      the 15,000 workers who helped clean up Prince William Sound after the 1989 spill. ..."


      "NIOSH (USA) stated in 1987 in their Current Intelligence Bulletin that aldehydes are solvents: „Common organic solvents are classified as aliphatic hydrocarbons, cyclic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, amines, alcohols, aldehydes, and ethers¾. "In correspondence with New Zealand¼s Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) Professor Gorman, Health Science Centre, University of Auckland, accepts that glutaraldehyde is a solvent under Axelson and Hogstedt¼s definition. Dr Monigatti (ACC Workwise, NZ) states: „We accept glutaraldehyde has solvent-like properties. If chronic solvent exposure can cause these sorts of things then we accept that glutaraldehyde can cause [solvent toxicity] as well....(Safeguard Update, No 96, 20 April, 1998). "NIOSH (1987) states: 'Epidemiologic studies of various groups of
      solvent-exposed workers have demonstrated statistically significant
      chronic changes in peripheral nerve function (sensory and motor nerve
      conduction velocities and electromyographicabnormalities) that persisted
      for months to years following cessation of exposure. Epidemiologic studies
      have also shown statistically significant increases in neurobehavioural effects
      in workers chronically exposed to organic solvents. These effects include
      disorders characterised by reversible subjective symptoms (fatigability,
      irritability, and memory impairment), sustained changes in personality or
      mind (emotional instability and diminished impulse control and motivation),
      and impaired intellectual function (decreased concentration ability, memory,
      and learning ability). Among organic solvent abusers, the most severe disorders
      reported are characterised by irreversible deterioration in intellect and memory...
      accompanied by structural CNS damage.' ..."


    • WANTED: Exxon Valdez oil-spill cleanup WORKERS
      The non-union VECO or VRCO men who applied Exxon's Inipol 13 or Exxon's Inipol EAP 22
      The union Norcon, VECO men in the Corexit trials
      The Boatsmen who sprayed chemicals from the pontoon boats
      The gals who washed the gear, & brought the lunches/supplies to beach workers
      The longshoremen who moved leaking barrels of chemicals...
      The captains and crew who transported chemicals,
      The Coast Guard monitors
      The DEC monitors
      The Medics
      Those who cleaned
      Those who cleaned the boom
      Those who washed the boats
      Those who washed the otters/birds
      Those who worked at the Dayville dump
      Those who incinerated oil mixed with chemicals
      Those who worked with skimmers, siphoning oil and chemicals from the water
      Anyone who drank water from a big boat that had transported 2-butoxyethanol-chemicals
      .... not just Inipol EAP 22, but also Corexit & multiple other experimental chemicals...
      The disability that cannot say its name out loud: MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY. -- barb

      And then for a look at the other side . . .
      Erin Brockovich: The Real-Life Sequel
      By James K. Glassman; Published 11/28/2001
      TCS Tech Central Station
      Editor's Note: This article was first published in the Wall Street Journal.

      -- end Exxon Valdez info --


    Know the health effects of Benzene. See EHN's section on Benzene


      Vanillin - A BENZENE derivitive
      • Like Sugar for Poison: Glucose as a Substitute for Benzene
        Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 103, Number 6, June 1995
        "... Benzene helps make jeans blue--it's the feedstock for indigo dye--and ice cream vanilla
        flavored--it's the source of vanillin. It's also the starting point for a number
        important industrial chemicals including hydroquinone, used in film developing, phenol,
        used to make solvents, and adipic acid, which is used to make nylon. Benzene is also
        a potent carcinogen.
        [emphasis added]


          And what EHP doesn't tell you in this article: Benzene is also an important chemical in the
          manufacture of synthetic fragrances. And the industry claimes it doesn't use any carcinogens!
          See Perfumers World
 under Aroma Chemicals 70 - 100% -- barb


      • VANILLIN (think benzene)
        CAS No. 121-33-5
        CHEMICAL NAME Vanillin


      • Bill Moyers' Trade Secrets: The Options - Right to Know and Protecting Yourself


          Under Protecting Yourself, Kitchen
          "Food producers increasingly rely on synthetic flavors
          and food dyes, some of which are proven toxins. For
          example: "Blue number two," used in beverages, candy
          and pet food causes brain tumors in male mice.
          "Red number three," used in baked goods, candy, and
          maraschino cherries, has caused thyroid tumors in rats.
          While petroleum-based artificial flavorings are generally
          safe, their manufacture often leads to potential
          exposures. For example, the production of Vanillin -
          artificial vanilla flavor - requires benzene."


  • Susan Wells Vaughan


  • Vegan

    Veggies Unite

    Vermont Healthy Homes - HealingÝ MCS

    Also see EHN's Gulf War Syndrome links


    Victim's Justice Center

    Victor the Vector
    " 'Victor the Vector' - an educational story for young
    people grades 3-5 (ages 8-10). The character flows with
    the ocean currents, learns about temperature, waves,
    fronts, upwelling, gets into trouble, and makes many
    animal and plant friends in search of his mother Vera,
    after they were separated. "


    Before getting into videos with the chemically injured in mind, I thought you might like to
    know about World-Wide Videos. As they inform us:
    "Video detectives find wanted titles - Out-of-print Videos, rare movies, lost films:
    free search service - hard to find rare out of print video --

    2009 UPDATE . . . We have moved into a new era since I began donating this site to EHN. We
    now have DVDs and so below, there is info for videos that had been available, and as I've had
    time, I've added info for DVDs that are now available, starting with Alison Johnson's work. -- barb

    • "A Toxic Train Ran Through It."
      Alberton Community Coalition for Environmental Health


    • Current Switch
      "A very practical and easy to watch video guide to detecting and minimizing unwanted
      man-made EMFs. Includes step-by-step information on how to deal with electric
      blankets, water beds, computers, microwave transmitters, radar, and household wiring!
      By John and Trish Banta
      Available from many sources for about $29.95 - one example is:
      The EMF Safety Superstore's Books and Videos


    • Educational Videos on the Environment, Science and Social Studies
      For example:
        AGAINST THE GRAIN: The Video
        Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food
        Producer: Britt Bailey, Written by: Marc Lappe; 13 min.; $59.95 (as of 10/22/02 -- barb)


    • Exposed by Heidrun Holzfeind d


      • Exposed
        "Artist Heidrun Holzfeind often shows the circumstances of individuals considered to be
        social outsiders, like the Romanian immigrants now living in her grandparents¼ house
        in Austria or the homeless man who quit his job to publish a book. In her most recent
        film, Exposed, Holzfeind chronicles the life of Katherine Devoir, a 35-year old dancer who
        suffers from MCS, a chronic environmental illness caused by synthetic chemicals. At
        times painfully close, the film charts the restricted range of Katherine¼s acceptable
        spaces and social contact and attempts to raise empathy for her suffering."
        Bottom of page . . .


      • MCS Facts (from movie, Exposed by Heidrun Holzfeind)d


    • Funny, You Don't Look Sick
      An Autobiography of an Illness
      For those of you who have: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia,
      Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (aka) Environmental Illness
      And/or for those who want to learn more about these overlapping illnesses. MCS is largely preventable! -- barb
      Produced by Susan Abod and Lisa Pontoppidan, 1995; Color, 64 mins, VHS video


    • "The Future of Food"
      © Lily Films 2004
      Works with my old Internet Explorer, but not with my old NetScape. Alas. -- barb


    • Indoor Air Quality
      • Improving Indoor Air Quality in Schools
        (Conference held at: Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, Northampton, MA, April 10, 1997)
        Contacts: Karen Sutherland, 413.536.8059 and Peggy Wolff, 413.253.2646

    • Alison Johnson's videos (now DVDs) and books
      (Listings below with the latest at the top.)

      Videos (now DVDs):
    • MCS: An Emerging Occupational Hazard
      Half-hour video -- it is available for $15
      The Labor Institute at or write
        The APEX Press,
        Publications Office,
        P.O. Box 337
        Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520
      (This video was made to accompany a fine workbook, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities at
      Work: A training Workbook for Working People (1992), which unfortunately is no longer
      available. I've contact The Labor Institute to see if it could be reprinted.
      Unfortunately, they don't have plans or funding for a reprint. Of course, if your management is
      unwilling to learn, even this fine publication isn't going to help you! -- barb)

    • NYCAP's book/video recommendations regarding pest control (scroll down)


    • Rapp, Dr. Doris

    • The Tomato Effect -- a DVD
      By Faun Kime
      The Tomato Effect, as talked about in medicine, comes from ignoring treatments for certain diseases
      because it doesn't make sense to some doctors. It was taken from the fact that in the U.S. no one
      would eat a tomato, even though the Europeans were eating them for hundreds of years. Tomatoes
      were unaccepted because they belonged to the nightshade family and it really didn't matter one iota
      that the Europeans were successfully eating them.

      It has been a while since I've seen the DVD . . . that said, this is the gist of the story as I remember it:
      The Tomato Effect tells the story of a group of physicians in the SF Bay Area who were the subject
      of a witch hunt by the California Medical Board. Doctors were losing their licenses. Faun's father,
      Zane R Kime MD fought back, but was killed in what was labeled an "accident." Of course, the doctors'
      problems came about from treating those within the MCS / GWS community. -- barb

      Thanks to Betty K. for sleuthing out this info:

        Rabble-Rouser Media
        921 15th St #5
        Santa Monica, CA 90403
        United States
        310-701-1744 (cell)
        faunkime AT

        DVD cost: 19.95
        Shipping: 5.00
        Tax: 1.85
        Total: $26.80 USD

    • Videotapes Produced by The American Montessori Society for Parent Orientation

      -- end videos --
  • Vinegar Connoisseurs International


  • Vinegar Uses Information
    Different Home Remedy Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled White Vinegar or
    Other Household Vinegar.
    Your Guide to Natural, Non-Commercial Health & Home Remedies

    Vinyl chloride

    Violence See:
    Aggression & fragrances at

    Assaulted by fragrances at Chem-Tox: "Fragrance Exposure Causes Aggression, Hyperactivity and Nerve Damage"

    Neurotoxins: At Home and the Workplace - report to 99th Congress in 1986
    exceprts keyed in by barb

    Nursing & Consumer Health Directories
    Addictions, Addictive Behaviors, Substance Abuse
    Domestic Violence Family


    Computer Viruses
    Also see Computer Hoaxes
    For example, "Family Pictures" is a hoax ... check HoaxBusters. -- barb

    Also cross-referenced under page H, Hoaxes


    Viruses, health
    Visually Impaired, Blind and Reading Disabled

  • VitalSource
    Gulf War Syndrome - What has been printed by journalists?


  • Vocal Cords Your "voice box" can be adversely affected by toxins, including fragrances used by others! -- barb
    VOCs Defined



    (Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Solvents, Cleaning Agents)
    Key Signs/Symptoms
    From Indoor Pollution
    Note: They do reference scents ... you just have to look for it! -- barb

    -- end VOCs --

    The Voice of MCS (coming soon, 11/27/00)
    Search the web for this site ... NetScape crashes every time I try to enter it. -- barb


    VolatileOrganic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Friends of the Earth: Chap 3 - contains info on volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

    VoxPop: Net4TV



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