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Currently, EHN does not have the volunteers necessary to carry on with the publication of its newsletter, The New Reactor. Therefore, your contributions are fully tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Please mark your contribution as a “Donation.”

While EHN is not currently publishing, EHN does carry on its mission to provide support, education, assistance and advocacy for persons with autoimmune disorders and related environmental and chemical hypersensitivities, and to promote the improvement of the environment. Thank you.

If/when EHN again publishes its newsletter, The New Reactor:
If you wish to become a member at the basic or professional level, the first $18 of your membership is not tax deductible. Any amount above that $18 is tax deductible.

EHN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
EHN’s federal tax ID number is 94-3072515.


Donations are gratefully accepted.
You may donate to EHN with PayPal.  You don’t need to have an account, you can just use your credit card. The buttons above are for the amounts listed.  To contribute with any amount, click below.


You may donate to EHN by check; mark it “Donation.” Please do not send cash.

Form available: ehnmemor.htm

You may also donate to EHN through your charitable gift plan in your workplace.

EHN provides advocacy, information and resources through:

Monthly General Meetings

Mailing Lists and Facebook

The New Reactor — EHN’s newsletter, which has been published six times a year —

The New Reactor has been in hiatus since 2002. Hope springs eternal that we will again start publishing, but that will depend upon dedicated volunteers taking action. newreact/ehnnr.html

Support and Information Line (SAIL)
This feature may be limited to our providing information only — it takes PEOPLE to make SAIL work. You may call 415.541.5075 and leave your message to volunteer for SAIL or other EHN projects.

Web Site — A great place to begin your research.

Please make your check payable to EHN (do not send cash) and mail to:
P.O. Box 1155
Larkspur, CA 94977-1155



  • Amanda Goodhue said:

    I work with PH Living, a company that designs and builds healthy, sustainable housing that caters to people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and those concerned with living in the healthiest possible environments. I wanted to reach out to let you know that PH Living’s healthy homes are available and to inquire if you could help me reach out to MCS community to let them know of the homes availability. I would be happy to supply any information needed. Please call 310-457-5477 for more information on test units.

  • jason said:

    I just joined and donated. After the Paypal payment i got a 404 Page Not Found error. Please contact me.

  • Kristie Lavelle said:


    I would like to introduce your group to Clean Water California, a grassroots, all-volunteer, nonprofit working towards ending the unnecessary and harmful mandated policy of adding industrial grade fluoridation chemicals to our water supplies. Please join us at 11 am on Saturday March 22nd in Union Square in San Francisco to March and Rally for Clean Water!

    Details available at http://www.cleanwatercalifornia.org
    or facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CleanWaterCalifornia

    I hope to meet many of you there!

    Best regards,

    Kristie Lavelle

  • CJ Lewis said:


    I would like to offer my website/blog (www.smartaboutscents.com) as a possible information resource. As a fellow MCS sufferer, I’ve been writing newspaper articles for a number of years now about the health risks of scented products, perspectives on living with chemical sensitivities and tips for transitioning to a scent-free lifestyle. My sole interest is in raising awareness.

    I thought, Stigma & Sensitivities: Must They Coexist? or A Moral Dilemma: “Scentual” Pleasure at the Expense of the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Others, might be of interest to you or your readers. You’ll find other articles there, as well, about living with chemical sensitivities … ie Scent Reaction Misconceptions, etc.

    Please see the “Selected Posts” page (http://smartaboutscents.com/selected-posts/) for easy access to article links.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    CJ Lewis

  • MCS Friends said:

    Hello to Everone at the EHN CA. Thank you for your dedication. I refer Californians to you regularly and hear good things about your work.

    MCS Friends has recently updated our list of resources on our website, mcsfriends.org. It now includes your organization! Please consider putting MCS Friends in your resource list. We are a non-profit support group for MCS people. Our mission is to provide social support, information, and education about MCS.
    We are international in our membership.

    Here is contact information that could go on your website or resource list:

    Website: http://www.mcsfriends.org
    Message phone: 206-312-7862
    “MCS Friends is a non-profit support group that specializes in connecting our members to each other to provide social support and helpful information.”

    Happy New Year, Angus, MCS Friends

  • Richard P. Milner said:

    Dear Barb,

    Mercury in vaccines is still a major problem. We have produced “Haley vs Offit: A Virtual Debate Re Vaccines, The Greatest Medical Controversy of Our Time” in support of a larger effort to produce a series of virtual debate videos on YouTube about racketeering in medicine. You may view the video at publicaffairsmediainc.blogspot.com


    • – Does Dr. Offit have appropriate training to make statements re mercury toxicity?
    • – How credible is the science supporting his case?
    • – Is Mercury dangerous to the brain or harmless?
    • – What happens to Mercury’s potency in the presence of Aluminum or Lead?
    • – What does the combination do to membranes?
    • – Can this combination cause Allergies? Heart disease? Stroke? Cardiac Arrest? SIDS?
    • – If mercury has been reduced in many shots, why not in exported vaccines?
    • – Why is mercury still present at ten percent of previous levels during manufacture and still added as a preservative in American shots?
    • – Was it hygiene or vaccines that brought down the major infectious diseases?

    References: Listing of 182 peer-reviewed publications citing mercury dangers. (Provided by Dr. Brian Hooker.)

    We could find no credible evidence in support of Dr. Offit. We submit “Haley vs Offit” as evidence that contrary to Offit’s public claims, ample science does exist that strongly implicates exposure to heavy metals as one cause of the chronic disease epidemic, including autism. Over fifty percent of American children suffer from a chronic disease that requires medication.

    Both Lead and Aluminum synergistically enhance the toxicity of Mercury.

    Lead: In several cities, the public has been exposed to excessive levels of Lead in drinking water.

    Aluminum: Vaccine makers have dramatically increased levels of Aluminum in shots.

    Heavy Metal Toxicity is more than it was before the vaccine makers were asked to remove Mercury from domestic vaccines.

    Aluminum and Lead make Mercury Toxicity greater than ever.

    I will be interested to hear your response and any suggestions you may wish to give. In the meantime, please share the link.



    Richard P. Milner

    Executive Director
    Public Affairs Media, Inc.
    3600 Mackland Ave NE
    Albuquerque NM 87110


  • Myrna Patterson said:

    Just joined and happy to be part of a supportive group. I have gotten increasingly ill in my rented cottage in Berkeley, especially when I started using the old gas heater & now must move out. Have any of you gotten headaches, heart palpitations, sinus etc from gas? I assume mildew is also a culprit. Bought a good air filter.
    Staying in a friend’s house for 10 days. Landlord wants me to pay through 1/31/17..but I fear for my health. All suggestions welcome. Thanks. Myrna

  • Ratri Galuh said:

    Hope the EHN get many donation and can does the mission.

  • Pat Hollland said:

    Dear EHN CA Folks,

    I have shared your website with countless people, who thanked me.

    I too am massively chemically sensitive. I tried calling your phone number but no one answered nor could I leave a message. I have a severe endodontic emergency.

    I greatly need an Endodontist in or near San Diego, CA who practices Gentle Wave endodontics for 2 infected teeth. I need for the office and treatment rooms, and staff to be fragrance free and for there to be opening windows, to lessen ambient toxins.

    2)I greatly need: 1) a list of doctors, dentists, therapists, hospitals, clinics, urgent cares that are fragrance free in and near San Diego, CA.

    3)I greatly need a local support group of chemically sensitive folks.

    4)I would love to find advocates who would assist me in getting fragrance free accommodation for parks, stores, rest rooms, public places near me and everywhere, so I can cease being home bound.

    5 I would like to see fragrances banned and recalled in the USA. would anyone like to work with me to achieve that?

    Kind Regards,

    Pat Holland
    858 455 1033 land line

  • cyndi said:

    Hi Pat, welcome. Our phone number no longer works (we had to cut down our costs and dropped it). I haven’t updated the website yet to reflect. Since you are outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, I invite you to join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/environmentalhealthnetwork where you can ask your questions. Please ask them by topic, not all at once.

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