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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.


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Radiant Heat
Radiation_Poisoning, etc.
Also see
Uranium at

X-rays at

I feel a kindred spirit with all of those suffering radiation poisoning for they, like us who live
with chemical injury, are too often ignored or, worse, stultified, by those charged with protecting
public health. We have been injured and disabled by circumstances beyond our control.
Too many have paid the supreme price: Premature death. -- barb

-- end radiation poisoning -- (let's hope so! -- barb)

Radio stations: San Francisco Bay Area
(Newspapers, Radio, sports,TV, Weather)

  • RAFI - Rural Advancement Foundation International
    Click out to and read their news release: USDA Says Yes to Terminator; 8/3/2001.
    See EHN's page G, Genetic Engineering -- barb


  • RAGE - GE-Free new zealand in food and environment (RAGE inc)

    See EHN's page G, Genetic Engineering
    Also see EHN's info on Royal Commission on Genetic Modification , below
    RANT Magazine
    „Hey, your car stinks!¾
    "W hat is the deal with CAR AIR FRESHENERS? Are these people using CAR
    deodorizers the same demographic that use HOME air fresheners? Things have got
    to be pretty bad for someone to use an air freshener in their house... think about this. ..."

    Dr. Doris Rapp

    Reading Boxes
  • National MCS Relief Co. Safe Reading & Computer Box


    Reading Disabled, Blind and Visually Impaired
    Real Estate

    Note from barb -- To all Agents and Brokers: Remember, before you even think about
    using air "fresheners" or pesticides -- even personal care fragranced products -- you will be
    adding mightily to indoor air pollution. For more information on those products, visit
    EHN's HomePage and use the QuickClicks at the top of the page

    Also visit EHN's Housing info at

    Real LaPalme, B1 Contractor, Lic. 548990, Berkeley, CA
    "...Sometimes a well-designed project can be not only healthier and more durable but
    also no more costly than one done without regard for the environment. In this way, we
    have become a valuable resource to owners, builders and designers ..."


    Rebecca at Large!
      The campaign of Rebecca Kaplan for Oakland City Council "at-large" seat.
      Made it to the runoff election on November 7, 2000!
      social justice - economic justice - environmental justice

        Coming soon: Barrie Boone's interview of Rebecca Kaplan

    Recipes - food

  • Recipes for a Non-Toxic Household


  • Red Cross
    RedHen Online

    Reel Mowers, Etc.

    Reflexology FootZonology
    Refineries and Communities for a Better Environment

    • What is Reiki?


    • Inner Light Services
      "Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an Ancient Eastern Healing Art,
      which Promotes Healing on ALL Levels ~ Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual

    • The S.E.E.D. of Personal Power Presents:
      Information About Reiki & Reiki Classes

    • White Thunder Medicine School
      REIKI Class: February 3, 2002

      Dear Friends:

      Reiki Practitioner One Class, to be held at White
      Thunder Medicine School in Vallejo, CA., on February
      3, 2002. Small Classes and Reiki Master and Master in
      training to teach you and bring you into attunement to
      do self healing and healing for others.

      Reiki is a healing art that has gained prominence and
      stature throughout the world in medical facilities and
      elsewhere as an aid to activate the bodies ability to
      heal itself as well as bring the emotions into a
      balanced state.It is a time of great stree. More are
      needed to stand in a way of support.

      Please pass the word an contemplate attending this
      class or one of the ongoing classes. Reiki can change
      your life situation. Reiki can bring deep healing and
      deeper Love to all that you are doing. May you all be
      blessed. ã White Thunder Crow

    Rentolin -- Wood preservative
    • Fluoride Action Network Pesticide Project
      Various names: Bay, BAY 47531, Dichlofluanide (France), Elvaron, Eurparen, Euparene, Flourofolpet,
      Kue, 13032c, Preventol, Rentolin [Emphasis added.]


    • Intensified action for people suffering from MCS and Rentolin-damages
      "... Many of those people who have been exposed to Rentolin are probably suffering from
      Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. MCS is characterised by extreme sensitivity triggered
      by extreme or repeated exposure to chemical substances. As a consequence, when
      exposed later to even very low concentrations of other scents or chemicals in their daily
      life, these people are affected to such an extent that, if it comes to the worst, they are
      disabled. It is estimated that up to 1 percent of the Danish population suffers from MCS. ..."


    • Wista -- MCS Affects 1% Population -- August 2004
      "Rentolin is a wood preserving chemical. In Denmark many people become ill after
      exposure to Rentolin. The vapours have affected the central nervous system, causing a
      lot of serious damage and furthermore liver and kidney damage. This has been
      attributed to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It is assumed around 1% of Danish population
      suffers from MCS. ..."
    See EHN's page on Insect Repellants


  • R.E.S.C.I.N.D.



    Leading Edge Research

    Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute National Environmental Respiratory Center (NERC)

  • Research Institute for Fragrance Materials (RIFM)

  • Research Triangle Institute 3040 Cornwallis Road
    Research Triangle Park
    North Carolina 27709 USA
    Telephone: 919-541-6000

    R.E.S.I.C.I.N.D. (Repeal Existing Stereotypes about Chronic, Immunological and Neurological Diseases)

    Resorts - See Hotels (

    Also see Masks at


  • Respiratory Distress
    Asthma -

    Rhinitis -

    • Nasal Discomfort May Be Caused By Irritants on the Job
      Medical College of Wisconsin Health News
      "Occupational rhinitis (OR) is the name given to inflammation of the
      membranes lining the nose caused by exposure to job-related irritants.
      It is characterized by sneezing, congestion, postnasal drainage and related
      symptoms. ..."

      "...Non-allergic causes of OR include many substances, such as sulfur dioxide
      (from burning coal or oil), fluorine, paint fumes, flower fragrance, pesticides,
      cleaning agents, toluene and perfumes. ..."

      [See Perfumers World and check those two right-hand columns -- barb]


    Restaurant Associations
    Restaurant Management Resources)
    Why not write to them about educating against the use of fragrances in restaurants?
    Dining is an olfactory pleasure. Why spoil it with toxic chemicals permeating the air? -- barb

    Revisions Magazine
    Note: Suzanne tells us that inks must be moved over to this new site. 6/00 -- barb

    Revolving door

      Boeing fires former Pentagon official involved in tanker lease deal
      By Amy Svitak, CongressDaily
      Government Executive Magazine
      "Boeing Monday announced the dismissal of Darleen Druyun, a former Pentagon
      acquisition official credited with helping to negotiate a controversial plan to lease Boeing
      767 commercial jets to the Air Force for use as aerial refueling tankers.

      " The company's chief financial officer, Michael Sears, also was dismissed for his role in
      hiring Druyun to work as vice president and general manager of Boeing's Missile
      Defense Systems unit, according to a company statement.

      "Sears is said to have violated company policies by communicating directly and indirectly
      with Druyun about future employment when she had not disqualified herself from
      acting in her official Air Force capacity on matters involving Boeing, the company
      said. In addition, an internally initiated review found both attempted to conceal their
      misconduct. ..."


    • The Edmonds Institute
      ". . . a non-profit, public interest organization dedicated to education
      about environment, technology, and intellectual property rights"


    • FDA's ex-employee: John Bailey PhD
      The former head of FDA's cosmetics branch, is now with the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and
      Fragrance Association (CTFA),
      having joined them January 2002. Without trying to cast
      aspersions on his eschutcheon, I cannot help but wonder: Has he finally followed his heart? -- barb

      Former FDA Cosmetics Head Joins CTFA - press release
      " Washington, D.C. - Dr. John Bailey, former Director of FDA's Office of Applied
      Research and Safety Assessment, is joining the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance
      Association (CTFA) as Director, Cosmetic Chemistry in mid January 2002.

      "CTFA President Ed Kavanaugh, in making the announcement said, 'I am delighted that
      John will be joining CTFA. He brings to CTFA excellent scientific credentials and a
      great understanding of our industry and its issues based on his many years with FDA.'

      "In his new capacity at CTFA, Bailey will be responsible for providing administrative and
      technical support for CTFA staff and various committees and task forces dealing with
      issues involving chemistry and formulation of cosmetic products, and for managing
      programs in the cosmetic chemistry area. He will also be responsible for providing
      support on cosmetic regulatory matters to CTFA staff and association members.

      "Prior to directing FDA¼s Office of Applied Research and Safety Assessment where he
      was responsible for research into the safety of foods and cosmetics including molecular
      biology, microbiology and toxicology, Dr. Bailey served for many years as the
      Director of FDA¼s Office of Cosmetics and Colors. There he was responsible for
      cosmetic enforcement and compliance activities, policy development, and setting of
      overall scientific and organizational objectives. Activities of the Office also included
      cosmetics and colors toxicology and chemistry research, monitoring and follow-up for
      consumer adverse reaction reports, the cosmetics voluntary reporting program,
      cosmetic product labeling, color certification, and color additive petition evaluations. ... "

      Formerly at:


        More on Bailey's move to industry . . .
      • CPC Packaging Business Beat(Cosmetic / Personal Care Packaging)
        Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) John B ailey, PhD, New director, cosmetic chemistry

        "John Bailey, former director of FDA's Office of Applied Research and Safety Assessment, has joined the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA; Washington, DC) as director, cosmetic chemistry. Among Bailey's responsibilities will be providing support on cosmetic regulatory matters to CTFA staff and association members. "


    • FDA Monsanto Revolving Door
      Extract of article
      Clinton Assistant Going Private
      By Al Kamen, Washington Post Staff Writer
      Monday, April 21 1997; Page A15; The Washington Post


    • The Glint of the Revolving Door
      NY Times, EDITORIAL DESK | February 5, 2004, Thursday
      ABSTRACT - Editorial on retirement of Rep Billy Tauzin, chairman of
      House Energy and Commerce Com and chief architect of new Medicare
      prescription drug law, and speculation that his next job centers on lobbying
      for pharmaceuticals industry; says Medicare bill he championed is lucrative
      windfall for drug makers, and if Tauzin takes lobbying job, Democratic
      presidential candidates should cite this as one more example of influence of
      lobbyists on Bush administration


    • Government-industry revolving door
      "The government-industry revolving door puts industry-friendly experts in
      positions of decision-making power. Often individuals rotate between working
      for industry and working for the government in regulatory capacities,
      arrangements that are fraught with potential for conflicts of interest. ..."


    • New York State Ethics Commission
      Revolving Door Restrictions

      Recruiting Uncle Sam
      The Military Uses a Revolving Door to Defense Jobs

      By Renae Merle
      Washington Post Staff Writer; Thursday, February 19, 2004; Page E01
      "George K. Muellner spent more than 30 years in the Air Force, rising eventually to the
      position of deputy acquisition chief. Now he's the senior vice president of Air Force
      Systems for Boeing Co.'s defense unit. E.C. "Pete" Aldridge, the Pentagon's chief
      weapons buyer, resigned in May 2003 and joined the board of the nation's largest
      defense contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp., a month later."


    • Revolving door between the US Government and Industry
      "This page highlights the revolving door between U.S. government agencies, the
      U.S. Congress, and the pharmaceutical industry. The following former government
      officials now work at IFPMA, PhRMA, or law firms and lobbying firms that represent
      the pharmaceutical industry. The information on clients represented by the following
      individuals is heavily indebted to the Center for Responsive Politics website.
      January, 2001; Version 2.0 "

      The Revolving Door: Industry Gaining Access
      The Pharmaceutical Industry Gaining Access in Washington

      Common Cause; June 18, 2003
      " The pharmaceutical industry benefits from the „revolving door¾ between government and the drug industry ‚ pharmaceutical company executives taking key positions in the government, or vice versa. PhRMA has hired some the best-connected former Members of Congress or government officials as lobbyists for the industry. ..."


    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Also see Sjogren's Syndrome at Rhinitis
    Ribbon Campaigns

    Richard's Pages on EI/MCS/CFS

    Right to Farm laws - See EHN's links from Agriculture



  • Risk Assessment
    • ADD Medical Treatment Center of Santa Clara Valley

    • [Alternatives] Born To Explore! The Other Side of ADD


    • Brookhaven National Laboratory
      Study Reveals Differences in Patients¼ Response to Ritalin
      Findings may explain variation in doses needed to treat attention / hyperactivity disorder

      "UPTON, NY ã A new brain-imaging study offers insight into why individual
      patients respond differently to standard doses of Ritalin, a drug used to treat
      millions of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) each
      year. The study, conducted at the U.S. Department of Energy¼s Brookhaven
      National Laboratory, appears in the March 1, 2002 issue of the journal Synapse. ..."

      "This work was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, which supports basic
      research in a variety of scientific fields, and the National Institute on Drug
      Abuse, a division of the National Institutes of Health. "


    • CHADD - Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
      Use their search engine to find info on Ritalin. -- barb


    • Dare to keep kids off Ritalin!
      Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology


    • Parents Pressured to Put Kids on Ritalin
      N.Y. court orders use of medicine
      By Karen Thomas, USA TODAY


    • Ritalin, Adderall, Other Stimulants--Further Resources
      ""The 'Just Say No To Drugs' campaign was aimed at discouraging children from
      experimenting with dangerous and addictive drugs such as amphetamine and Ritalin.
      Our society viewed with loathing those who "pushed" stimulant drugs on children. Yet
      today there are more children taking Ritalin and amphetamine from doctors than
      ever received them from the illegal pushers. Furthermore, the ready availability of
      prescribed stimulants had led to their increasing illegal use by children and youth.
    • Ritalin Class Action Suits--
      Major Plaintiff¼s Attorneys in Tobacco and Asbestos Suits Charge
      Ritalin Manufacturer, the American Psychiatric Association, and
      CHADD with Fraud and Conspiracy
      Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology


    • Ritalin: Violence Against Boys
      Drug is being used to sedate active, young boys
      Massachusetts News


    • Why to Avoid RitalinÆ:
      Ritalin Side Effects from the Physicians' Desk ReferenceÆ


  • (Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association)
    "On-Line Clearinghouse for information and resources about Environmental Illness (EI)"

  • Betsy Rosenberg


    Oakland, California, spring 2005 --
    So, Councilmember Quan wins this battle; but, What if Roundup wins the war? Government
    registered pesticides, applied by trained personnel, have harmed and killed too many people.
    Some of them you know from this site. Doctors are not properly trained to diagnose chemical
    injury. Does Oakland have a health tracking system of adverse health events suffered from
    those who use or live around its golf courses? I would not be too smug about pesticides. -- barb; 4/6/05

    Also see Glyphosate

    Isn't it amazing how hard we have to work to show the harmful effects of pesticides? The
    burden of proof should move from the public to the industry that markets these harmful toxins
    before they are fully substantiated for safety. As I see it, our planet has MCS and it is affecting
    all of her vital systems.

    It is my personal opinion that any community pursuing the use of pesticides -- which includes
    herbicides, which in turn includes Roundup -- as an economical and efficacious means of
    controlling pests, must present both sides of the product to the public before pushing their plan
    through council or board acceptance. I try to make as much information available as possible, but
    please use a search engine of your choice to find more. KNOW what you are saying yes to!
    Also, take into consideration that weeds may develop resistance to Roundup. (See article below.)

    Feb. 2005: Folks, Oakland California is ready for Roundup. Are YOU? Study the subject from
    the other side, then inform Oakland mayor and council members of your opinions.

    Remember, it's not just the toxins you get to learn about from the labels that you should concern
    yourself with, but the inerts, which often have not been required to be listed on the label.
    Inerts are often more toxic than the chemicals they list on the labels.

    I have not seen a label for Roundup or Garlon, but according to PANUPS, a U.S. court ruled that Inerts were to be disclosed. See

    Also, whenever someone is pushing the use of pesticides, or trying to marginalize them as "only
    herbicides," you should take it upon yourself to look for the other side of the information.
    There's more info available than I can get up on EHN's site. Search for harmful effects of the
    pesticide you are told to use, or which will be used in your area. Then stand up for safer means of
    "pest" control. Safer alternatives do exist! It's up to us to make sure they are used. -- barb


    and Monsanto

    Adverse Effects Reporting: FIFRA 6(a)(2)
    "Section 6(a)(2) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) requires
    pesticide product registrants to submit adverse effects information about their products
    to the EPA. The following regulations and guidance documents have been published
    which provide registrants details on what, when and how to report this information. ..."

    Pesticide Illness Surveillance (pesticide illness reporting)

    Pesticide Illness Report form (PIR)
    "OEHHA is required to produce the Pesticide Illness Report (PIR) form. This form
    includes addresses and phone numbers for the local health officers to submit the
    completed forms to the appropriate state agencies."
    PDF file:

      Accord (a.k.a. Roundup)
      Allegheny Defense Project
      " Accord, which includes Glyphosate the same active ingredient as the more commonly
      known Roundup, has the potential for harmful side effects on persons who come
      into contact with it. According to the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides
      who conducted a review of all of the available literature on Glyphosate, Roundup
      is "Šaccutely [sic] toxic to animals, including humans. Symptoms include eye and skin
      irritation, headache, nausea, numbness, elevated blood pressure, and heart palpitations."
      Laboratory studies have found indications of medium-term toxicity, long-term
      toxicity, genetic damage, effects on sperm health, and is a possible carcinogen. Glyphosate
      has been known to persist with a half-life of persistence in soils as long as 100 days
      recorded in New York. ..."


    • Agriculture

      (Responses to Roundup Ready soybeans)

      Still available through

    • American P.I.E. (Public Information on the Environment)
      EcoAlert: Coralling Roundup - 1 June, 2005


    • Beyond Pesticides - National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides
      "NCAMP - they have a thick file of RoundUp information, including
      the part about 1,4-dioxane being a suspected contaminant of POEA,
      the surfactant in RoundUp"

    • " But Roundup is much more damaging and persistent than claimed.

      "In 1993, the School of Public Health at the University of California found glyphosate
      was the third most common cause of reported illness among Californian farm
      workers, and for landscapers, the highest. The Journal of Pesticide Reform says the
      chemical also damages the ability of soil bacteria to transform nitrogen into a usable
      form for plants and harms fungi that help plants absorb water and nutrients.

      "Monsanto's own literature says the average half-life of Roundup residues in
      soil and water are 60 and 14 days (in 10 half-lives chemicals decay to benign levels).
      Residues were found in lettuce, carrots, and barley planted a year after the soil
      was last sprayed.

      "In the State of New York, Monsanto has settled a court case for $50,000 costs and
      agreed to retract advertising claims on the safety and biodegradability of Roundup.

      "They will no longer say Roundup is safer than table salt, 'practically non-toxic' to
      mammals, birds and fish, "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly". Nor can
      they imply that the risks of chemical cocktails like Roundup are the same as the active
      ingredient, glyphosate, as this ignores the toxicity of so-called 'inert' ingredients."
      Mother Jones, Jan/Feb, 1997; Pesticide
      Action Network, North America.


    • CATs

    • The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice
      "The Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice serves as a resource
      center for community groups working on environmental justice issues. We provide
      information / publications; direct assistance to groups; outreach, referral and network
      development, and training / leadership development."
      E-Mail: Penny Newman at
      Pesticide Organizing Project
      The entire page is worth reading, but specifically . . .
      "Myth #3: I use Roundup and we all know it's safe. Afterall, it's sold in the grocery store.
      "There are two types of ingredients in Roundup and other pesticides - active and inert.
      The active ingredients are those designed to kill the target pest. The "inert" ingredient
      does not mean it's non-toxic or harmless. It is the secret ingredient added to the product
      to either preserve the active ingredients, make them easier to apply or improve their
      killing ability. For example, some inerts soften the skin of the pest, making it easier
      for the active ingredient to get into the pest and kill it.

      "Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, has been assumed to have low animal
      toxicity because the enzyme system which it inhibits is specific to plants. But studies now
      show that Glyphosate can cause acute symptoms including eye and skin irritation and
      nausea, conjunctivitis, vomiting and diarrhea. California statistics show that in 1994,
      glyphosate ranked eighth for most number of complaints filed with the state by
      people poisoned by the product.

      "Glyphosate can also drift off-site during applications. Studies show that from 14-78%
      of it can as far as 1300 feet downwind. Once on the ground, it can persist in soils from
      3 days to a year.

      "Misleading advertising has led many applicators to consider glyphosate nearly non-toxic
      . In 1996, the New York State Attorney General won an injunction against the
      chemical's manufacturer, Monsanto, for falsely claiming that the pesticide is as safe
      as table salt.
      [Emphasis added. This was the very statement used in a meeting with the
      Alameda County, California pesticide experts held in Oakland in April 2001. I was present. -- barb]

      "The inert ingredients [emphasis added] in Roundup may pose more danger
      than it's active ingredient. Japanese emergency medicine professionals reported in Lancet,
      the American Medical Journal, that the "inert" ingredient in the herbicide formulation,
      Roundup, accounts for the acute toxicity they had found in patients poisoned (some
      fatally) by Roundup.

      "Symptoms included vomiting and gastrointestinal pain, swelling of the lungs and
      pneumonia, reduction of blood pressure, clouding of consciousness, and red blood cell
      destruction. The "inert" ingredient they identified in Roundup was polyoxyethyleneamine
      (POEA) actually referring to a family of chemicals. It is added to Roundup to help
      evenly spread the active ingredient, glyphosate, on target plants.

      "EPA reports that it is common for 1,4-dioxane to be present with POEA. The International
      Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) consider 1,4-dioxane and animal carcinogen and
      EPA considers it to be a probable human carcinogen.

      "We continue to not know what is in Roundup and other pesticides because the
      manufacturers are not required to list them on the labels and have claimed that inerts
      are 'confidential business information that should not be available to the public.' EPA
      allows more than 2,000 chemicals to be used as inerts - many cause toxic effects including
      cancer and at least 382 were themselves used as the pesticide active ingredient.

      "In fact, hazardous waste have been allowed to be 'recycled' into pesticides as inerts. You
      may be spraying chemicals like xylene, chloroform, methylene chloride, toluene and
      other toxic chemicals. As one misguided EPA official said, 'it's a way of disposing of
      hazardous materials.'"


    • Common Weed Killer (Roundup) Linked to Environmental and Health Problems
      Folks, you owe it to yourselves to look to Chem-Tox for other information. It's a really great site. -- barb


    • Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Monsanto's Modus Operandi (M.O.)
      Monsanto Roundup (Glyphosate)


    • E X T O X N E T Toxicological Effects:

    • Gene Ethics (Genetics & Ethics) Network


        But Roundup is much more damaging and persistent than claimed.

        In 1993, the School of Public Health at the University of California found glyphosate
        was the third most common cause of reported illness among Californian farm
        workers, and for landscapers, the highest. The Journal of Pesticide Reform says the
        chemical also damages the ability of soil bacteria to transform nitrogen into a usable
        form for plants and harms fungi that help plants absorb water and nutrients.

        Monsanto's own literature says the average half-life of Roundup residues in
        soil and water are 60 and 14 days (in 10 half-lives chemicals decay to benign levels).
        Residues were found in lettuce, carrots, and barley planted a year after the soil
        was last sprayed.

        In the State of New York, Monsanto has settled a court case for $50,000 costs and
        agreed to retract advertising claims on the safety and biodegradability of Roundup.

        They will no longer say Roundup is safer than table salt, "practically non-toxic" to
        mammals, birds and fish, "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly". Nor can
        they imply that the risks of chemical cocktails like Roundup are the same as the active
        ingredient, glyphosate,as this ignores the toxicity of so-called "inert" ingredients.
        Mother Jones, Jan/Feb, 1997; Pesticide
        Action Network, North America.


      Glyphosate (Roundup/Rodeo).Ý
      "... The adverse effects associated with glyphosate were documented by doctors in
      Japan between June, 1984 and March, 1986 in cases associated with gastrointestinal,
      respiratory, cardiovascular, and central nervous system damage caused by ingestion.[22]
      At the time, the doctors identified the surfactant in the pesticides, POEA, as the cause of
      the adverse effects. This raises serious concerns about the product formulation, most of
      which is usually not disclosed on the product label, but protected as trade secret information.

      "A recent review identifies serious adverse effects associated with glyphosate¼s so-called
      inert ingredients. Inert is a term of art because it can include chemicals that are both
      chemically and biologically active. (See below.) Glyphosate products have been
      reported to contain ammonium sulfate, benziothiazolone, 3-iodo-2-propynyl
      butylcarbamate (IPBC), isobutane, methyl pryrrolidionone, pelargonic acid,
      polyethoxylated tallowaine (POEA), potassium hydroxide, sodium sulfite and sorbic acid.
      These chemicals are associated with a range of acute effects, including eye irritation,
      nausea, diarrhea, respiratory reactions, miscarriages in laboratory tests, skin reactions,
      weight loss. The California Department of Pesticide Regulation, 1998, in an unpublished
      report attributes the following adverse effects to glyphosate exposure: eye irritation,
      painful eyes, burning eyes, blurred vision, swollen eye, face, joints, facial numbness,
      coughing, headaches skin rash, heart palpitations, elevated blood pressure, chest pains
      and more.[23]

      [22] Sawada, Y., 'Probable Toxicity of Surface-Active Agent in
      Commercial Herbicide Containing Glyphosate' The Lancet, p. 299 (1988).

      [23] Caroline Cox, Herbicide Factsheet: Glyphosate (Roundup),
      Journal of Pesticide Reform, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, 1998.



    • Glyphosate Pathway Map

    • Greenpeace


    • Herbicide Tolerance
      "New Study Links World's Biggest Selling Pesticides to Cancer Swedish Study Finds
      Exposure to Glyphosate and MCPA Increases Risk for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma"
      Press Release - PAN AP; June 21, 1999
      "A recent study by eminent oncologists Dr. Lennart Hardell and Dr. Mikael Eriksson of
      Sweden [1], has revealed clear links between one of the world's biggest selling
      herbicide, glyphosate, to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer [2].

      "In the study published in the 15 March 1999 Journal of American Cancer Society, the
      researchers also maintain that exposure to glyphosate 'yielded increased risks for NHL.'
      They stress that with the rapidly increasing use of glyphosate since the time the
      study was carried out, 'glyphosate deserves further epidemiologic studies.'

      "Glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, is the world's most widely used herbicide.
      It is estimated that for 1998, over a 112,000 tonnes of glyphosate was used world-wide.
      It indiscriminately kills off a wide variety of weeds after application and is primarily
      used to control annual and perennial plants. ..."


    • Monsanto
      • ASEED Europe genetic engineering campaign
      • Monsanto's bioengineered seeds are designed to require more of the company's herbicide

        Monsanto's Toxic Roundup
        "Subject: IT'S OFFICAL Monsanto's Roundup NOT environmentaly friendly
        PANUPS: Monsanto Agrees to Change Ads .... January 10, 1997.
        Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), San Francisco, CA. "Monsanto Agrees to Change Ads
        "Monsanto Co. agreed to change its advertising for glyphosate- based products, including
        Roundup, in response to complaints by the New York Attorney General's office that
        the ads were misleading. Based on their investigation, the Attorney General's office
        felt that the advertising inaccurately portrayed Monsanto's glyphosate-containing
        products as safe and as not causing any harmful effects to people or the environment.
        According to the state, the ads also implied that the risks of products such as Roundup
        are the same as those of the active ingredient, glyphosate, and do not take into account
        the possible risks associated with the product's inert ingredients.

        "As part of the agreement, Monsanto will discontinue the use of terms such as
        "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly" in all advertising of glyphosate-containing
        products in New York state and will pay $50,000 toward the state's costs of pursuing the
        case. The Attorney General has been challenging the ads since 1991. ... "


    • Nature Country Store's


        I cannot help but wonder if Oakland's council members and residents have bothered to
        read any information on the other side of the industry's poop sheets on the wonders of Roundup
        and other herbicides. -- barb

    • Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides PO Box 1393, Eugene OR 97440-1393 Ph. 541-344-5044 Fax 541-344-6923


    • Question of the Violation of Human Rights and
      Fundamental Freedoms in any Part of the World

      Economic and Social Council / United Nations 24jan02
      ECUADORIAN COMMUNITIES "1. In the fall of 2000, the United States and Colombia began an intensive aerial herbicide
      application program to eradicate coca and poppy crops in drug-producing areas of
      Colombia as part of a greater anti-narcotics initiative called Plan Colombia. To date, the
      program is violating human rights of Colombian and Ecuadorian peasants and
      indigenous peoples living in the affected regions. The spray mixture and the manner in
      which it is applied have resulted in numerous health problems for residents,
      destruction of their food resources, contamination of their surface water, damage to
      surrounding wilderness areas, and tremendous deforestation resulting from relocation
      of spray victims and their farms that is beyond levels that the United States and
      Colombia claim results from coca and poppy production. Despite these harms, the United
      States and Colombia have provided only limited information about the program and
      have not conducted adequate health and environmental assessments. ..."


    • Resist Roadside Spraying
      Interview by Barry Vogel of Marc LappÈ, PhD
      Appeared in The New Settler Interview, Issue 103, mid March/April 1997

      Risky Business: Invasive species management on National Forests -
      A review and summary of needed changes in current plans, policies and programs

      February, 2001


      • Chapter 3. Adverse impacts
        "... People are commonly made sick by low levels of the pesticides described in this report.
        In 1998, approximately 50 residents of Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico became ill after a
        farmer in the center of town sprayed his field with a combination of 2,4-D and Roundup ©,
        at a level that was falsely assumed to be safe. It has been found that the general
        population of agricultural regions has a higher incidence of birth defects than elsewhere
        (Garry et al., 1996).

        The average citizen is at risk from ambient pesticides. To claim otherwise, or to conceal
        such evidence from environmental effects documents, is illegal and a direct violation
        of the NEPA.

        It is a fallacy to present herbicide exposures as unlikely. Pesticide poisonings are
        underreported, according to Ann McCampbell, Chair, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
        Task Force of New Mexico:
        Most physicians are not sufficiently trained in recognizing pesticide poisonings and
        hence many cases are misdiagnosed as the flu or some other ailment. Long term effects
        from pesticide exposures, such as peripheral neuropathy following organophosphate
        exposures, are also not usually connected with the earlier exposure. Individuals often
        do not make the connection themselves. The end result is that there is a vast
        underestimate of the number of pesticide poisonings each year which contributes to a
        false reassurance about their safety.


    • ROUNDUP: Active Ingredient, Glyphosate (5/99)

    • ROUNDUP facts

    • Roundup is killing off amphibians, ecologist says
      By Eric Hand
      Of the Post-Dispatch; 08/07/2005
      "Worldwide, amphibians are dying. And University of Pittsburgh ecologist
      Rick Relyea said he knows one way to kill them: Spray them with a little
      Roundup, the best-selling weed killer from St. Louis-based Monsanto."

      Printer Friendly

    • Organic Gardening Ý Roundup Kills More Than Weeds

      PANUPS: U.S. Court Rules Inert Ingredients Must Be Disclosed. October 28, 1996.
      October 28, 1996
      U.S. Court Rules Inert Ingredients Must Be Disclosed
      "A U.S. federal district court ruled this month that pesticide companies must disclose
      information about inert ingredients in six pesticide products. The suit, filed in 1994 by the
      Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (NCAP) and the National Coalition
      Against the Misuse of Pesticides (NCAMP), charged that the U.S. Environmental
      Protection Agency (EPA) must disclose the common names and CAS* numbers of inert
      ingredients in these pesticides under the Freedom of Information Act. The pesticides
      named in the suit were Aatrex 80W (atrazine), Weedone LV4 (2,4-D), Roundup
      (glyphosate), Velpar (haxazinone), Garlon 3A (triclopyr) and Tordon 101 (picloram and 2,4-D). ..."


    • Roundup Ready crops? Are you ready for Monsanto lawsuits?
      Roundup and its synonyms


    • Roundup-Resistant Bentgrass - Friend or Frankenweed? October, 2004


    • June Russell's Health Facts -- Pesticides - 2,4-D and Roundup (Gglyphosate)
      Two of the (Supposedly) Safer Pesticides

      Scroll down or use your browser's Find Command to get to Roundup. -- barb


    • Safe2Use

    • Sedimentation of Prairie Wetlands
      Effects on Aquatic Invertebrates

    • Skeena Islands
      "Spraying Skeena Islands may be ineffective, may persist in soils
      and may affect fish reproduction

    • Study Clearly Links Use of Roundup to Cancer (From Annie Berthold-Bond's site)

    • Toxic Drift: Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia By Jeremy Bigwood; Special to CorpWatch; June 21, 2001


    • Toxicology, part 1

    • Toxicology, part 2: Human Exposure and Ecological Effects

    • Weed killer poses dangers to frogs
      Seek and ye shall find that pesticides cause harm to Mother Earth and her creatures. -- barb


    • Weed / Herbicide Cross Reference, University of Florida

    • Weeds could develop resistance to Roundup

    Rowatworks Home Page - S.C. Rowat


  • Open Letter Re MCS To The Honorable Ruth Grier Ontario Minister of Health

  • Royal Commission on Genetic Modification
    New Zealand - Please contact: Sarah Adamson, Media Relations Officer,
    phone 04 495 9151 or 021 499 510.

    The Commission is holding formal hearings of "interested persons"
    from 16 October 2000 through to 23 March 2001


  • The Royal Society of Canada
    Expert Panel on the Future of Food Biotechnology - Genetic Modification


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