Dr. Barbie

by Doctor Bernard

Wears a white coat over her designer suit (she IS a Barbie) for those long hours in the office. Basic accessories include a jewelled stethoscope (she IS a Barbie) and a prescription pad with matching Mont Blanc pen, pre-written prescriptions for Paxil, Zoloft, Prozac and the latest designer antibiotics.

This Barbie has no string to pull. She has been pre-programmed to repeat gently every 20 seconds one of the following messages:

"It's all in the head."

"Stress really is a serious condition."

"How long have you been depressed?"
Accessories include a monogrammed Mercedes convertible, a bikini for those long conferences on new drug treatments (she IS a Barbie), and comprehensive medical liability insurance.

Note: Barbie M.D. does not take worker's compensation cases, or represent clients (sorry, slip of the keyboard) patients against insurance companies. The extended accessory set includes the Barbie M.D Group Practice ancilliaries, comprising the Medical Rep Ken, and HMO administration Ken (with interchangeable parts).

P.S. Hope you can find room for her - someone has to want her! -- Bernard

~ ~ ~
Dear Doctor Bernard:

That "someone" who has to want Dr. Barbie is represented by the omnipresent
Human Resources manager who refuses to believe that even a "little bit of"
any fragrance product can make MCSBarbie -- and all the people she
represents -- very ill.

-- MCSBarbie

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