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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.


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Stuff Happens!


Unprovoked "hateful-hurtfuls" do happen! The fragrance-users attack the fragrance-sensitized individual, in school, in the workplace, in healthcare facilites and doctors' offices, even in places of worship. Heavens!

Bullies abound, as do unsuspecting people who only go by industry advertising hype and public relations campaigns. Considering the serious adverse events associated with fragrance sensitization, once anyone learns of the adverse health events caused by fragrances, I personally consider ensuing fragrance assaults and attacks as HATE CRIMES.

Like MCS, the Hateful-Hurtfuls are not all just in our minds. Read the STUFF linked to from this page to learn the damning and damaging words and works used by people in power against those of us living with chemical injury. We must know what we are up against as we try to gain access to work, education, health care, transportation, services, worship services, ... LIFE.

Perpetraters of the Hateful-Hurtfuls -- a euphemism for ASSAULT and DISCRIMINATION -- and the executives of our various self-regulated industries, along with governement officials charged with protecting public health, should study The Guy in the Glass.

The Guy In the Glass
by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934

All of us should study the chemical industry's 1990 diatribe, which you will find regurgitated over and over by various industry apologists including columnists, executives and members of industry front organizations, YOUR employer, YOUR doctor, some members of government agencies charged with protecting public health, the DOJ, the EEOC, and far too many of the mainstream media.



To learn of useful information to help you gain access and accommodation, please visit EHN's Take Heart! -- barb

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Dear Visitors:
I'm all for truly sound science and most certainly for integrity in science. How I wish it were
there in the industries producing our consumer products and releasing them to market
without genuinely substatiating safety! Unfortunately, those who doth protest too much,
me thinks (to paraphrase the Bard), wouldn't know science -- 'sound science,' or the
'integrity of science,' etc. -- if it came up and bit them on their back side.

Articles may no longer be available but in most cases, you do have titles, authors and dates so
you can pursue the subject on your own, should you care too. Many organizations have articles
up on the web for a few weeks and then make them available for a charge. Alas. -- barb

  • 20/20 - ABC, John Stossel - JUNK

      I, for one, noticed a distinct change in attitude in my workplace following this JUNK
      by John Stossel and ABC's 20/20. I have since heard that many others who are living with --
      and trying to work with -- MCS noticed the damage caused by this report,
      supported by ABC. How dare they!?! Oh, they dare, for it's industry pulling the strings.
      Purse strings, that is. Or, in this case, stings!

      This is just a smattering of info. You may always do your own Google search. -- barb

    • Allergic World

      [Unofficial Transcript]
      ABC TV's Newsmagazine, "20/20." Friday, January 3, 1997.
      Reporter: John Stossel. Host: Hugh Downs.
      I don't know if this is the supposedly sanitized version of the Stossel debacle or not. -- barb


      • John Stossel and ABC News on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity:
        Not "Junk Science" but "Junk Journalism"

        By Albert Donnay of MCS Referral & Resources, uploaded by permission
        This show was mendacious from the get-go. Misrepresentations of Julia Kendall, twisted stories
        of and about Ecology House residents. But, because it was about the already chemically injured,
        only our community seemed to have noticed or cared about the inaccuracies, the LIES. It wasn't
        until the oxen of others were gored by this industry flack that people sat up and took notice.
        And for all this, he's promoted! But, then, industry is being served. Are YOU? -- barb


      • Stossel Offers Nothing But Junk Journalism
        Defending Cigarette Science Against MCS

        By Cynthia Wilson


    • Alternet
      MediaCulture: Stossel's Sins of Omission


    • Stossel to co-anchor 20/20 - May 2003
      Give ME a break!!!!! Is this the Peter Principle in action? Apparently, there is nothing more
      rewarding for mainstream media than rewarding an industry apologist, or a sycophant. -- barb


      • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
        Editor's Comment on 20/20 with Barbara Walters on 8/22/97:
        "A recent ABC program featuring Barbara Walters and John Stossel discussed
        "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) in a straightforward way. They came to the
        conclusion that this a "non-disease" quoting data analyses by the American Academy
        of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, American College of Physicians, and AMA
        indicating that there was no scientific basis for the postulated relationship between
        exposure to minute amounts of chemicals in the environment and a variety of subjective
        complaints (without objective findings) in anecdotal reports. Mr. Stossel emphasized
        that this postulated relationship is re-inforced by a small group of doctors calling
        themselves "Clinical Ecologists" who charge sometimes substantial fees in long-term
        treatment of what they consider an incurable disease. ...

        " ... The Editor feels that this program was right on target. ...

        "Unfortunately, MCS and its variants may be with us for awhile, leading to isolated events
        such as that in Marin County, CA in which taxpayer money was spent to build an
        "Ecology House" for "chemically disabled" individuals who thereby may even qualify
        for disability payments!"

        or via:


          " ... The Editor feels that this program was right on target. ..."
          Why, because the already chemically injured aren't the market for the toxic scented personal
          care products and cleaning and maintenance products, nor for pharmaceuticals which can
          also be petrochemically derived products? Stop and think about it for a second. Drugs are scented
          and flavored with the flavor and fragrance idustry petrochemically derived products.

          MCS hasn't gone away by ignoring the already injured. In fact, because the industry continues to
          release toxic chemicals into our air, our bodies, our water with impunity, we've seen soaring
          rates of asthma, cancers and other environmentally caused diseases and premature deaths. One
          would hope that an agency named American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
          would take an interest in the public health and welfare over industry, and NOT favor
          industry over the public's plight and its right to know about the toxins in consumer products.

          Stossel's program was a crock! It was not honestly pulled together. But then, time has
          passed and others have learned too, regarding Stossel's work. Stossel: A reporter or an industry
          flack? What became of this reporter? Was he disciplined? NO! Was he censured by ABC? NO!
          Stossel was REWARDED!! On May 2003, he was appointed to co-anchor with none other
          than Barbara Walters. ABC's answer to the criticism Stossel has rightly earned based on his work,
          is to promote him. Outrageous. See EHN's the Word IS Out! (on Stossel).

          By the way, just in case you are interested, AAAAI's . . . "MISSION STATEMENT:
          "The mission of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is the
          advancement of the knowledge and practice of allergy, asthma and immunology for
          optimal patient care ... "
          You can't advance knowledge without looking at all aspects of any given subject. -- barb

          You'd best start searching elsewhere if you need help with diseases brought about by chemical
          injury from commonly used personal care products, or household and janitorial cleaning and
          maintenance products. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is not the
          answer for you.A suggestion? Further explore EHN's site. Use its info to educate your own
          doctors. And, if they are closed to learning, look for another doctor. -- barb

      • Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
        Does Stossel Deserve a Promotion?
        You know my take on this topic, now read FAIR's. -- barb


    • Allergic World

      [Unofficial Transcript]
      ABC TV's Newsmagazine, "20/20." Friday, January 3, 1997.
      Reporter: John Stossel. Host: Hugh Downs.
      I don't know if this is the supposedly sanitized version of the Stossel debacle or not. -- barb


        Stossel did so much harm to those living with MCS who were trying to remain gainfully
        employed. It is unbelieveable! And then to think, no one would listen to the MCS community.
        It was only after Stossel snookered others that his MO got attention. And then what? He was
        rewarded for bad reporting by being made co-anchor. The Peter Principle lives on!

        To learn the truth about Ecology House, not the stosselized version, visit -- barb



      Responses to Allergic to the World


    • Contaminated Story


      • Erin Brockovich Challenges '20/20' Report
        "Give Me A Break; Realities Behind Erin Brockovich Story" - July 14, 2000
        Brockovich: "There is nothing fraudulent in the movie. What he [Stossel] said
        was irresponsible. And if he's going to insist that chromium doesn't make
        people sick I want him to put the chromium where his mouth is.
        I'm not kidding around. He can get his children around him and
        drink chromium-laced water."


      FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
      Search for "Stossel" and you'll get a bunch of articles. Also see EHN's The Word IS Out!. -- barb

    • The Nation


    • How Good is Organic Food?
      "20/20¼s John Stossel Investigates
      "Organic produce sales are growing five times faster than the sales of other
      foods, an indication of their popularity. "
      (And right there is the not so subtle answer as to why this Mr Junk Science Himself has
      spun off his conjured up report against organics. -- barb)

    • MediaMATTERS
      login . . .


    • Save John
      By Competitive Enterprise Institute
      Why? -- barb



  • Absolute Non-Scents
    The Hittman Chronicle
    By Dave Hitt
    "... and even kicked out of school. ..."

    "And the worst part of it is that MCS does not exist.

    "The human body simply doesn't work that way. Exposure to toxins tends to raise
    resistance, not lower it. ..."

    Prevarication, mendacity, deceitfulness, industry hype, untruths, lies. Take your pick, but I
    wish he'd get his facts straight! Synthetic scents contain known irritants and sensitizers as well
    as known and suspected carcinogens (capable of causing cancer), teratogens (capable of adversely
    affecting developing embryos and fetuses) and neurotoxins (adversely affects brain and central
    nervous system). These petrochemical concoctions (think hydrocarbons, not protein-based
    allergens), sold as sexual attractants have NO place in a schools, healthcare facilities and other
    workplaces, nor other public venues where they can adversely pollutge the air for all. And then
    about exposure to toxins . . . Thresholds do lower. People are warned about adverse health events
    suffered when chemical tolerance lowers. WOW, is this guy dangerous! I suggest he, and
    everyone else begins reading the
    Talk about your industry apologist! This guy fits nicely into the industry's hip pocket. -- barb


  • American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
    The following article and editorial appeared in the Sept. 1, 1998 issue of the American
    Family Physician
    journal. Such notables as Ronald Gots and Stephen Barrett with the
    title of doctor, are quoted as giving the "truth" about chemical injury. Indeed. They are simply
    proclaiming the chemical industry mantra.
    See Environmental Illness Briefing Paper, the 1990 industry call-to-arms.

    AAFP, for shame!

    Just because there has not been evidence of even adequate testing before marketing of commonly
    used synthetic chemical products, including our ubiquitous fragrances, doesn't mean that
    they don't have the capability of causing problems to the respiratory system, the brain and
    nervous systems . . .

    Synthetic fragrances contain known and suspected carcinogens, teratogens and neurotoxins.
    Where are the studies for their possible role in rising rates of central nervous system diseases like
    Parkinson's and Alzheimer's; for the skyrocketing rates in asthma, in autism, in ADD?
    Where are the studies for the possible role played in the high rates of reproductive and fetal
    development problems by these products that are concoctions of petrochemicals? Where are the
    studies of fragrances as a possible link to escalating cancer rates? And, considering just
    the fragrance chemicals as irritants and sensitizers, where are the studies regarding indoor
    air pollution and its effect upon soaring "UNEXPLAINED" asthma rates for people of all ages,
    especially kids, Hispanics, African Americans, and our elderly? (Kids, Hispanics and African
    Americans are targeted by the industry for sales; our elderly are subjected to these toxic
    pollutants in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. Heavy reliance upon
    synthetic scents does not mean the environment is clean, it is even more polluted by the
    flagrant use of fragrances.

    Indeed, fall 2004, the fragrance industry admited: "Fragrance products may give the air a more
    -- THAT IS DEBATABLE! -- smell (or no smell at all), but they cannot clean the air."

    The industry's lack of adequate testing, and the lack of regulation by the government agencies
    charged with protecting public health, does not mean the already chemically injured are
    psychosomatic. I think it is high time to listen to the already chemically injured. By ignoring
    us and or stultifying us for years, we've only seen our numbers escalate. That is NOT indiciative
    of "mass hysteria," but it may well be viewed as a dereliction of duty by those in regulatory
    positions. It is high time to put behind you, the "Never Measure, Never Manage" philosophy.

    AAFP, by publishing such a biased article you are doing a disservice to the public -- both those
    who are already living with the effects of adverse events due to chemial poisonings by
    commonly used consumer products and to those who do not yet recognize the cause of their
    often insidious diseases and illnesses. Remember, one does not have to be the primary user
    to be adversely affected by these toxic products with their volatile organic compounds, which
    are recognized air and water pollutants. For more iformation on the toxins found in scents, see
    FDA Petition. -- barb

    • Editorial: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
      ROY L. DEHART, M.D., M.P.H.
      University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      "... There is activist litigation against manufacturers of carpet, paint, household cleaning
      products, etc. These multimillion dollar lawsuits have been curtailed by the 1993
      U.S. Supreme Court decision, Daubert versus Merrell Dow, which has given trial judges
      authority to exclude unscientific testimony.9 This decision has been used successfully
      in ruling that multiple chemical sensitivity is not a recognized clinical entity. However,
      this ruling does not exclude the possibility that the constellation of symptoms will
      reappear under another name. ..."
      What mainstream medical doctor receives adequate hours of training in recognizing and
      diagnosing illnesses clearly associated with modern toxic products, like pesticides? Another
      regurgitation of the chemical industry's call-to-arms, their 1990 EI Briefing Paper. -- barb


    • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
      University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, Utah

      Oh, yes, blame it on stress or anxiety . . . but just don't ever bother to look at the proliferation
      of petrochemical-derived products that include perfumes, pesticides and pharmaceuticals. -- barb

  • Actions against EI doctors
    You all better start thinking this is serious, because it is! If you can contribute to the medical
    defense funds of these doctors, please do so. If there is such a fund, that info will be available
    through the links given below.

    Also, do read The Chemical Manufacturers Association's 1990 Environmental Illness
    Briefing Paper.
    It is available in the BEST of the Reactor, 1985 - 1995, and online at

    Seems to me, this paper, this call to arms, set the stage for actions taken against EI doctors and us,
    the already chemically injured. -- barb

      Stuff Happens! to great doctors . . . and they've intention of having it happen to YOURS!
      Witch Hunt as defined by American Heritage dictionary

        An investigation carried out ostensibly to uncover subversive activities
        but actually used to harass and undermine those with differing views.

        I have put links up to doctors I've come to learn about.
        If you know of others, with links to information about
        their plight, please let me know. -- barb


    • The Progress in Medicine Foundation (Dr. Sinaiko)
      (AKA: The Medical Defense Fund)

      • NEW Documents -- including censored materials


      • American Association for Health Freedom
        Amicus Curiae Brief in Support of Robert Sinaiko, M.D.
        "The California Medical Board has placed Dr. Robert Sinaiko, a well-respected
        San Francisco physician, on five years probation (after trying unsuccessfully to
        revoke his license for several years) for using so-called alternative therapies to
        treat multiple chemical sensitivities, allergies, ADHD, Candida and chronic fatigue.
        After many years of battling the Board for his right to use nonstandard approaches,
        he has filed an appeal challenging the Board's action as an unlawful restriction of
        his right to practice sound medicine. We filed an amicus brief stating, among other
        things, that if the Board's decision is upheld, it will define as "unprofessional conduct"
        the provision of nutritional therapy for ADHD, and effectively make prescription of
        Ritalin required treatment for this condition. ..."


      • Healing Arts- Alternative Medicine Bill
        "Problem: Under the current California law physicians are required to practice
        within the accepted "standard of practice¾. Standards of practice are not defined within
        the law, they are considered to be what most of the individuals within the profession do.

        "The investigators for the Medical Board, physician consultants for the Board who review
        the discipline cases, the staff attorneys of the Attorneys General¼s Office who do the
        legal action for the Board and the Administrative Judges, general interpret „The
        standard of practice¾ as conventional and practiced by most physicians. ..."


      • Medical Freedom in California Hangs in the Balance
        From Dr. Robert Jay Rowen's Second Opinion December 2001.

        "When the parents of a hyperactive child came to see Dr. Sinaiko to see if he could help
        their child, Dr. Sinaiko didn't realize his life was about to change forever.

        "Instead of turning to Ritalin (a Class 2 amphetamine), the conventional treatment of
        choice, Dr. Sinaiko chose to use less-toxic nutritional and allergy treatments. In most
        states, that would be completely legal. But Dr. Sinaiko lives in California. ..."


      • To The White House Commission
        on Complementary & Alternative Medicine Policy

        Presented September 8, 2000
        "For the past 16 years, my sister and I have been patients of Dr. Robert Sinaiko.
        He was an allergist and immunologist in the San Francisco Bay Area until October
        of last year. His story exemplifies how our access to Alternative and Progressive
        physicians and treatments has been denied. ... "



        Town Hall Meeting, San Francisco; September 8, 2000
        "Dear Commission Members:

        "I am Dr. Deane Hillsman, speaking for the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD).

        "The UAPD is generally neutral on the broadly defined question of "Alternative
        Medicine," though indeed some of our members are interested in this rapidly emerging
        area, and some practice to a various extent components of Alternative Medicine.

        "We join with the Alternative Medicine movement with a common concern about forces
        in California that are inhibiting innovation in health care, and that perhaps are
        reflective of situations elsewhere. The focal point of our concerns is the recent disciplinary
        action taken by the Medical Board of California (MBC) against Dr. Robert Sinaiko.
        This prominent case has certainly provided a clear and disturbing example of MBC
        prosecution intent. ..."


      • Series of Documents Relating to Reforms of the Medical Board of California
        Letter to Julia DeAngelo-Fellmeth, Adm Director:

        " ... Historically the Board has always taken aggressive action against "unorthodox"
        practitioners but it seems to have become even bolder in the instance of Dr. Sinaiko.
        I recently read detailed information about the case as well as the opening and closing
        remarks of the prosecutor on Dr. Sinaiko¼s web site. The only logical explanation
        I can image is that the staff of the enforcement division genuinely doesn¼t understand
        the scientific principles as they pertain to medical care, especially in the area of the "art"
        of medicine, which almost always precedes the "science" of medicine. The other alternative
        is that Dr. Sinaiko was fingered in one of those closed meeting sponsored by the
        "Quack Busters" group out of Loma Linda Hospital which the DAG staff attends on
        along with representatives from the FDA and national pharmaceutical council. ... "


    • Zane R. Kime MD
      Dr. Kime's story, and death, told through the film documentary (in the making).
      The Tomato Effect
      By his daughter, Faun Kime


    • Dr. Jozef Krop, Canada

    • Dr. Walt Stoll
      In his own words. -- barb


    • Ronald Wempen, M.D.
      Environmental Medical Center of Orange County



  • The American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI)


      NOTE: ACAAI's Life Quality test leaves out any reference to fragrances. However,
      it does ask if when you do simple chores, do you have trouble breathing or do you cough?
      And under "Triggers," it does state: "My asthma gets worse and worse when I'm
      around tobacco smoke, fumes or strong odors.

      But, how many people use fragrance products for "simple chores" and never figure out
      it's the fragrances that make them have trouble breathing or that cause their
      cough ... or gives them headaches, or rhinitis or ?And how many people really
      associate fragrance products with "fumes or strong odors" -- or a better question:
      How many doctors associate "fumes or strong odors" with the ubiquitous fragrances
      in personal care and cleaning/maintenance products?

      Another complaint of mine ... and I did write .... is that their idea of "accessible
      locations" is a far cry from reality. By screening as they are, they automatically
      eliminate a large body of people who are already chemically sensitive and have
      enough sense to avoid public places such as malls, civic centers, health fairs and
      even places of worship. Please inform ACAAI that malls, health fairs, stores, even
      doctors offices and churches are not "accessible locations" for those of us who are
      already living with chemical-induced asthma. -- barb

        "Nationwide Asthma Screenings Help Americans Breathe Easier"
        "Free asthma screenings will be performed at shopping malls, civic centers,
        health fairs and other accessible locations throughout the country. During a
        screening, adults who are experiencing breathing problems complete a
        20-question Life Quality (LQ) Test developed by ACAAI for the program."

        Life Quality Test
        "If you or your child has been told you have asthma, or even if you have
        occasional problems taking a good, deep breath, this simple test from the
        American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) may help
        improve your LIFE QUALITY (or "LQ"). Just answer these 20 questions
        and decide whether a quick, free phone call could lead to a better LQ for

        The Kids' Asthma Check
        In the kids' check list, they again refer to "strong odors," but how many kids or
        their parents would think of even mild fragrance and pesticide odors as being
        capable of causing or triggering asthma, and yet they can! -- barb or

        But look, there is hope! ACAAI recognizes that fragrances in personal care
        and cleaning/maintenance products can and do cause rhinitis. See their "public website,"
        Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online. This info is also where it really belongs, on EHN's
        The Word IS Out! -- barb

      • Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Online


        • "What triggers vasomotor rhinitis?
          "Irritants that can trigger vasomotor rhinitis include cigarette smoke, strong odors and
          fumes including perfume, hair spray, other cosmetics, laundry detergents, cleaning
          solutions, ... "

  • American Council on Science and Health (ACSH)
    ACSH stories appear throughout ... use your browser's find command and key in ACSH.

    One thing that's bad about this organization is its name sounds so good. But then, that follows
    the pattern of industry front organizations. I can't count the number of people in power
    positions who have gotten all their "MCS education" from this site and others like it.

    One-sided information gathering is never an "education."

    Sites such as this are ruinous to the people (all ages, races,genders) who already live with chemical
    injury. For while we are trying to educate others so we may live, work, get an education, enter
    healthcare facilities without being harmed, worship, use public transit, play . . . I repeat, LIVE!
    The Gotses and Barretts of the world do great harm in stultifying those of us who live with
    chemical injury. It's not as if we went out looking for a good dose of chemical injury . . . it came to
    us, unbidden.

    The public has a right to know about the chemicals they so mindlessly apply to their bodies and
    breathe into their bodies, and the effects of these superfluous, toxic chemicals upon their health
    and the health of their children, grandchildren, pets, colleagues, friends, and the planet at large.
    They'll not get that knowledge from industry front organizations. -- barb

  • American Family Physician; Dec 15, 2000
    Mass Psychogenic Illness: Role of the Individual Physician.
    Author/s: Timothy F. Jones,M.D.,"... is a medical epidemiologist with the Tennessee
    Department of Health and assistant clinical professor of preventive medicine at
    Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville. ..."


      There is certainly a flip side to the information presented above. Use the info in the following
      "In Opposition to Journalistic Errors" to educate your local media. Also write
      to the papers carrying the NEJM article, giving them the full picture. It is easy to stultify, to debase,
      with only a partial story. -- barb

      Hysteria article angers school officials The Tennessean By Anne Paine / Tennessean Staff Writer; Monday, 2/7/00 "In Opposition to Journalistic Errors" by Nancy McFadden, BURNT; Mon, 24 Jan 2000 includes the letter written by Thomas W. Hatfield, Supervisor, Department of Plant Maintenance

      "Conflict at New England Journal of Medicine"
      Boston Globe Saturday December 27, 1997- front page Web Version Medical journal is hit by another conflict By Larry Tye, Globe Staff, 12/27/97 "The prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, which has a conflict-of-interest policy that its editor calls 'the tightest in the business,' is again having to explain how that policy went askew. "The trouble this time was a review in last month's journal that panned a book alleging that environmental chemicals are fueling an epidemic of cancers. The reviewer was the medical director at chemical giant W.R. Grace & Co., but readers were not told that. " 'We should have recognized that W.R. Grace was a conflict of interest, but unfortunately the person who handled it didn't recognize that,' Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer, the journal's editor-in-chief, said yesterday. ''They didn't put together that W.R. Grace was a major chemical company. " 'There will be a complete explanation in the journal in the next three to four weeks,' he added. "The error might have aroused little interest if the New England Journal was not the world's most esteemed medical publication - and if similar lapses had not happened before. ..."

  • American Medical News
    "Doctors debate 'chemical sensitivity' diagnosis"


  • Apple Scented Products
    • Apples for Health
      Enhance Your Work Day
      They recommend:
        "Enhance Your Work Day
        "Keep a bottle of your favorite fragrance on hand when you need a boost of
        confidence. Fragrance has been shown to elevate your mood. Pleasant
        fragrances can contribute to office harmony, even allowing for a more friendly
        resolution to situations of conflict.

        "Cure those Monday morning blues with a spritz of a lemon scent. When you
        find yourself in an afternoon slump, spray a peppermint or citrus scent into the
        air or into your palms and perk up those sluggish brain cells.

        "Losing focus during sustained tasks such as data entry or proof-reading? Get
        a quick fix with a whiff of peppermint. When the stress of deadlines and
        projects catches up to you, try relaxing with the scents of vanilla or lavender. "

      No wonder they are concerned with people "[l]osing focus," synthetic scents are neurotoxins.
      Folks, FIRST check with your colleagues and if it is OK with them, use a mint sprig
      or a cutting of lavender, if you need a scent boost. Keep it truly personal. Also, leave the toxic
      synthetic fragrances for your own home, if you need to use them at all. Why not write to
      Apples for Health to educate them about the petrochemicals they are touting?-- barb


    • Apple-scented Phone Books
      • Apple-scented phone books; Tuesday, January 7, 2003 Posted: 5:23 PM EST (2223 GMT)
        " WENATCHEE, Washington (AP) -- That sweet smell in Wenatchee might
        have been kicked up by someone who let his fingers do the walking.

        "The 2003 phone books distributed by Hagadone Directories in north-central
        Washington are scented with an apple fragrance. ..."


      • Townsfolk smell agriculture on their phone books
        Associated Press ... "... Jim Hail, co-owner and president of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho-based
        Hagadone Directories, said he came up with the scented phone book
        idea as a way to mark the company's decade-long presence in the area.

        'When we initially talked about it, my staff rolled their eyes,' Hail said.
        'Now we're talking about utilizing it in other markets.' ..."



  • Predecisional Draft Report on MCS

    • OSHA -Spring 2000 -- OSHA, in its infinite wisdom
      (yes, do read sarcasim) links to this report as well as chemical industry fronts and apologists:
      Statement of The Interagency Workgroup on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
      November 2000

      Spring 2001 -- Comments are posted. Do you get to see all of the public comments? NO.
      They summarize our comments but they publish this biased document in whole.
      Most MCS groups and activists have soundly renounced the ATSDR report for a variety of valid
      reasons. For a look at a few of the public comments, in their entirety, visit EHN's page
      Responses to the MCS Report
      April 2003, until ?:
      Well, OSHA got rid of its duplicitous statement:
      "Control: Because the cause of MCS is not currently known, control methods could only
      based on unproven theories. MCS is clearly not occupationally related. "

      Whatever else I feel is right or wrong with OSHA's new page on MCS, their first reference
      under "Other" is to a chemical front organization developed by Ronald Gots MD -- "Environmental
      Sensitivities Research Institute." But they top themselves by also referencing, "'Clinical
      Ecology - A Critical Appraisal.' California Medical Association Scientific Board Task Force on
      Clinical Ecology. (1986). Western Journal of Medicine 144:239-245." As Albert Donnay of
      MCS Referral and Resources informs us: "California Medical Association, which adopted a
      position paper critical of clinical ecology in 1986, reclassified it as a "historical document only" in
      1993." In other words, folks, OSHA seems to be misinforming employers and employees by
      virtue of its reference links. Just what is OSHA trying to do here?

      I suggest to OSHA that they begin studying sites like EHN's, JAN, MCS R&R, Alison Johnson's,
      Fragranced Products Information Network, contact Mary Lamielle . . ., visit ECHO
      . . . heck, just go to EHN's page of MCS Links
      And, OSHA may want to follow out one of its links to the link of links, which eventually leads to
      Allergies: Culprit Could be in Cosmetic Bag

      Get superfluous fragrance products -- remember that includes pesticides! -- out of the workplace
      and you'll improve indoor air AND health! THAT is worker safety, OSHA, and it ties in
      beautifully with the concept of Illness and Injury Prevention programs! -- barb


    John Balzar
    Columnist for the Los Angeles Times
    "Busybodies, Inc.: Really, it's for a good cause"

    Another article with fragrance industry bias well in place. I am the last to know about Marin
    County resturants -- good thing Mr. Balzar informed us through his: "California's Marin
    County, of course, has signed up to require perfume and non-perfume seating in restaurants.

    An airline can go "peanut-free" because peanuts used by another could make one person
    violently ill, yet people requiring fragrance-free accommodation in public venues -- including
    on airliners -- are ready targets for ridicule and denigration. Lovely.-- barb

  • Candles


  • Chemical Manufacturers Association - CMA
    • About


    • Chemical Industry Archives
      A project of the Environmental Working Group
      Look what is coming to light! Proof that Stuff Happens! And making sure it has . . . the CMA -- barb
    • Department of Justice (DOJ)
      Mr. Wodatch wrote in 1995:
      "In most circumstances, it would not be 'reasonable' to require an employer to
      regulate such personal choices by its employees." And that was in response to a
      person asking if the "ADA would require medical care providers to require
      their employees to refrain from wearing fragrances when they are providing
      services to a person who has multiple chemical sensitivities."

      Good grief. Common sense, or the Precautionary Principle, should dictate that fragrance
      products have no place in a doctor's office or any other type of healthcare facility. I feel this
      opinion is based on the stultifying informaton provided by the chemical industry and its apologists,
      not upon any science. Science, which to be sure is in short supply, is nonetheless available . . .
      IF one digs. (As evidenced by the information available on this site, EHN's, and that of
      Betty Bridges, RN, Check the FDA Petition analyses for a start!
      EHN -
      or FPIN - -- barb

    • Environmental Illness Briefing Paper, 1990



  • Chirobase and QuackWatch (Stephen Barrett, M.D.)
    Also below under QuackWatch. -- barb

    • Chirobase
      "A Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Current Practices"
      Operated by Stephen Barrett, M.D.; William T. Jarvis, Ph.D.; Charles E. DuVall Jr., D.C.


      • Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET)
        by Stephen Barrett, M.D.

        And, have you ever read Barrett's stultifying "A Closer Look at 'Multiple Chemical Sensitivity'"?
        It's right out of the industry's EI Briefing Paper. This info is all industry -- self-serving and
        economically driven. That is, until such time as too many people become chemically poisoned
        and it starts costing business more money to deal with the employees they've made ill than to
        decide to go green -- free of petrochemical-derived fragrances, pesticides and other chemical
        industry modern products. Barrett's diatribe is available as a PDF file. Read it. Feel your
        outrage and then act upon it by writing to your representative, your senators, your FDA,
        your EPA, your CPSC, your ATSDR, YOUR doctors, etc. -- barb


    • Competitive Enterprise Institute - CEI


        About CEI
        "The Competitive Enterprise Institute is a non-profit public policy
        organization dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and
        limited government. We believe that consumers are best helped not
        by government regulation but by being allowed to make their own
        choices in a free marketplace."

        And where their last sentence falls apart is that we are not allowed to make
        INFORMED choices as there is little truth in advertising. When it comes
        to the fragrance industry, it is UNregulated. Debilitating diseases associated
        with environmental illnesses have soared during these past decades with the proliferation
        of synthetic fragrances. Come on!

        To give you a glimpse at CEI, here are a couple of links to check out. -- barb


      • "More Sorry Than Safe"
        by Jonathan H. Adler

      • Center for Private Conservation

    • The Council for Scientific Medicine

  • CFIS - Citizens for the Integrity of Science
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity -- Mea Culpa (Page 1)
    If you want to see junk science, you've got it here. -- barb


  • Dean Edell, MD

  • Daubert Decision used against those living with the effects of chemical poisoning
    • "Chemical Sensitivity" Claims Vulnerable to Daubert Scrutiny
      By Anita Hotchkiss, Chair, Pharmaceutical Department, Porzio Bromberg & Newman
      and Linda Pissott Reig, Porzio Bromberg & Newman; May 15, 1998



      Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute
      Sounds like a name that would be of interest to the MCS community, doesn't it?
      Well, it is, but in a negative way. It was another front organization developed by
      none other than Ronald Gots of State Farm Insurance infamy. -- barb


  • DigiScentsTM
    "DigiScentsÅis an interactive media company that enables lifelike
    and memorable experiences through the digitization and broadcast
    of scent."

  • Environmental Illness Briefing Paper, 1990
    page 171, Best of the Reactor -- 1985 - 1995, edited by Susan Molloy

  • Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute (ESRI)
    Gots resigned and after the State Farm expose, a search of ESRI site turns up nothing on Gots. -- barb

    • Grants Program

    • Mission and Objectives

        "... So who else is still opposing the diagnosis of Multiple Chemical
        Sensitivity? One powerful group is the Environmental
        Sensitivities Research Institute
        established in 1995; it
        accepts only corporate members (I tried to join and was
        refused!) and its board of directors consists of the major
        pesticide producers of North America such as DowElanco,
        Monsanto, Proctor & Gamble, and the Cosmetics, Toiletry
        and Fragrance Association. The chairman is the CEO of
        the pesticide industry association called RISE. ..."
        Government and Medical Science Finally Recognize Crippling Effects of MCS

        By Helke Ferrie


  • FDA - Oversight? Regulation?


        The FDA does not regulate the fragrance industry,
        but worse, does not even follow the regulations already
        on its books to require warning labels on fragrances
        released to market without adequate testing. Take time
        to write to the FDA after learning about the toxic
        chemicals used to create synthetci scents (syn scents?) -- barb


    • Ovarian Cancer and Talc Powder - A Sixty-Year Scandal of Informed Neglect

    • The Virus and the Vaccine
      A simian virus known as SV40 has been associated with a number of rare
      human cancers. This same virus contaminated the polio vaccine administered to
      98 million Americans from 1955 to 1963. Federal health officials see little reason for
      concern. A growing cadre of medical researchers disagree
      by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher; The Atlantic Monthly; February 2000

  • FOX News
    Have you ever wondered why your local Fox News team ignore your attempt to share
    information on chemical poisoning via commonly used modern consumer products? Well, no
    need to continue to wonder ... FOX touts Steven Milloy'sJunkScience under Science
    and if that ain't JUNK journalism, I don't knw what is! If you feel as strongly as I do, please write to FOX News at: barb

    • Science Index
      UPDATE, March 27, 2001: Fox News no longer has a Science Index ... it bounces you to its BRFox Life page and then if you choose to read Milloy, you'll find him under "Views." Good work, folks! -- barb

  • Fragrance Use Tips
      "Everyone has a personal 'scent circle': approximately an arm's length from the
      body. No one should be aware of your fragrance unless he or she steps inside your
      "circle." Fragrance should be one of the most subtle, personal messages you send to
      those with whom you come in contact."

    First, is anyone granted an "arm's length" of space in a theater? In some restaurants? In a
    medical facility? In school? At work? On jury duty?

    But, given that the industry is suggesting people refrain from loading up on fragrances, they are
    giving a mixed message ... at best. The tips go on to tell people to "layer" scents and to apply
    them throughout the day. Layering scents and applying throughout the day makes it virtually
    impossible to have a "scent circle" that only extends "approximately an arm's length from the
    body." That is topped by the vact that we are dealing with volatile organic compounds, whose
    very nature is to become one with the air we all breath . . . it's the very nature of the beast!

    Lest you think I'm kidding, from their Fragrance Dos and Don'ts page:

      " DO ...use fragrance throughout every day. It will increase your feelings of well
      being...add a special degree of graciousness to daily living...make life for
      you and those around you infinitely more pleasurable and enjoyable."

    No wonder the chemically sensitive are driven from gainful employment, from education, from
    enjoying the theater, opera, movies, a dinner out. . .from HEALTH CARE. And folks, these
    are toxic chemicals that in 1986 were identified by the National Academy of Science among
    other chemicals to be tested for neurotoxicty. We are still waiting. The industry is still
    unregulated and does not have to disclose any information as it is protected by trade secret laws.
    And the US FDA does not require warning labels for fragrances released to market without
    adequate testing, despite the fact that such a regulation already exists on its books.

    What can you, the consumer do?

    1. Write to the FDA about your adverse reactions to synthetic fragrances.
      See "FDA Petition for full contact information and analyses of six popular scents.


    2. Ask your representative to support a bill introduced by Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL), and
      co-sponsored by Rep. Shelley Berkley (NV): HR 5238. The Safe Notification
      and Information for Fragrances Act has been referred to the House Subcommittee on
      Health and Environment. Go into Thomas, key in hr 5238, clidk the search button
      and up will pop the information. An alternative is to key in the word "fragrance" in the right box
      and click search. "Fragrance" will bring up:
        1 . Safe Notification and Information for Fragrances Act
        (Introduced in the House)[H.R.5238.IH]
        2 . Tampon Safety and Research Act of 1999 (Introduced in the House)[H.R.890.IH]
    -- barb

  • Questionnaire & Answer Guide

  • 'Fumed!


    • The Fragrant Door
      A classroom door sprayed with perfume -- Blistered!

    • London To Perfume Subway Stations
      By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer; Updated 1:29 PM ET April 23, 2001

      "...Michelle Mackett, an American based in Germany, was doubtful.
      "Some people are allergic to perfume," she pointed out.

      London Underground says all the scent's ingredients have been safety tested. Madeleine
      has been used in Paris for two years without complaint, an Underground spokeswoman noted.

      London Underground says if the scent proves popular, it will consider introducing it
      across the system.

      But the Tube - plagued by dingy stations, frequent delays and ferocious rush-hour
      overcrowding - needs more than cosmetic changes. London Transport estimates it
      needs $575 million a year simply to arrest the decline. ..."


    • Occupational acute anaphylactic reaction to assault by perfume spray in the face. by Lessenger JE.; PubMed


  • Fumento, Michael (see bio at page bottom - barb)

    Also see Reason, below. -- barb
    • Articles by Michael Fumento
        Thoughts from barb: Notice the newspoapers that carry Michael Fumento. How
        many of those same newspapers have carried any of the truthful information from/about
        those of us who are now living with chemical injury?

        But I have an even larger question: How many of our nation's newspapers -- or TV media -- have
        carried any of the truthful information about the many preventable Environmental Illnesses?
        I also wonder: How many have carried the information regarding EHN's petition currently
        before the FDA to declare "misbranded" (the FDA's term) fragrances released to market
        without adequatge testing? Have any given full FDA contact information?

        Unless the media provides the full, factual information, millions who are adversely affected by
        fragrances have not a clue that they can write to the FDA requesting that, at a minimum, the FDA
        follow its own regulations already on the books. See FDA Petition

        Our numbers of ill continue to soar -- whether we live with ADD, MCS, GWS, SBS, Asthma,
        Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Parkinson's ... Cancers. We all
        live with Environmental Illness. The medical industry continues to be flummoxed. We continue
        to read words of medical industry representatives to the effect: "We just don't understand
        these findings." . . . "We need more research." In the meantime, more people of all ages, races,
        worldwide, become chemically injured with a variety of symptoms. "Diversity" applies to
        illnesses and disabilities also.

        I believe our numbers continue to climb because the truth about the toxicity of commonly
        used -- highlly advertised -- consumer products adversely affects the research grant and
        advertising coffers of the medical and media industries. But, that is coupled with the huge profits
        of the chemical pharmaceutical industry -- they sell products that keep folks functioning
        for a time. Iatrogenic illnesses and deaths soar, while media coffers are filled with advertising
        dollars from commonly used consumer products and the drugs used to feel a little better.

        It's the ECONOMY, folks.

        But, where is the cure? We find it is in avoiding, to the extent possible, the superfluous toxins
        in our consumer products. And that leads to demands for access and accommodation. To learn
        of those gains, do visit EHN's page, Take Heart! at -- barb

    • Another Gulf War Syndrome Fad/Theory Fails the Test
      by Michael Fumento; March 20, 1997

    • MICHAEL FUMENTO: 'Protecting' kids right off the playground
      Scripps Howard News Service
      Published: August 29, 2003, 06:45:25 PM PDT; Modesto Bee
      " The working group [Environmental Working Group] in May released a typical
      activist group pseudo-scientific 'study' with the catchy title 'Poisoned Playgrounds,'
      demanding that all arsenate-treated wood on playgrounds be ripped out faster than
      the proverbial woodchuck chucks. ..."


        Appropriately released for April Fools Day by American Specator; April 2000 --
        Scents And SENSELESSNESS

      • Scents and Senselessness
        By Michael Fumento>
        "The American Spectator, April 2000; Copyright 2000 by The American Spectator
        "The Anti-Fragrance Movement has its nose out of joint ‚ and sweet-smelling Canada is leading the way. ... "

        Also at:


          Fumento and company's articles are available online through Fumento's site.

          If these spin-off stories don't prove that errors compound, I don't know what does. Part of the
          flawed premiss begins with the fallacious and relatively recent article in the New England
          Journal of Medicine.
          to link out to NEJM's abstract and spinoff stories. But, the damning and damaging to the MCS
          community "stuff" began a decade ago when the Chemical Manufacturers Association published
          their Environmental Illness Briefing Paper -
          See for yourself. -- barb

        • Senselessness About Scents or
          A Wilkie by any other spelling ...

          A response to the Fumento article, by barb wilkie

        • Another Fumento Spin-off article in
          Perfume 2000 Magazine
          "From A Perfumer's Point Of View"
          by Jean-Pierre Subrenat
          "It's 6:30 pm and this older lady (she just turned 84 years old the week before) is
          putting the finishing touches to her attire. Tonight she is going to City Hall for the
          monthly Council meeting. She is always looking forward to these monthly dates with
          her fellow citizens of the Nova Scotia Maritime capital: Halifax. ..."
          Proving errors compound, get a load of this line! And it's about this big as a pull quote, too.
          Of course, the errors by Fumento were picked up and repeated . . . but they kept the essence.
          I can be adversely affected by fragrances on people a block away, just as I can also be adversely
          affected by fabric softeners used Goodness only knows where in the neighborhood. Where, oh
          where, is adherence to that industry prescribed "scent circle" when you need it? -- barb

            "Fragrance products worn by people a block
            away, adversely affect the chemically sensitive,"
            claims Marin County's Barb Wilke.

          Note: For the TRUTH about that woman in Halifax, see EHN's section on the conference

            Two bits' worth by barb: Frankly, I'm getting a little tired of the duplicity of these
            articles which besmirch my escutcheon -- and dishonor the reputations of other activists.
            We dedicate our lives and our limited personal money to bringing the truth to the public.
            The REAL truth, which too often is untold by mainstream western medicine, mainstream
            media, our government agencies -- agencies charged with PROTECTING public health, not
            industry. There are more than 70,000 chemicals in commerce today. And too many of those
            chemicals are out there polluting our air, land and water and the industry and the government
            and medical "science" know far too little about the consequences. Suffered by people of all
            ages in ruined health or premature death, suffered by their pets, suffered by the fish and wildlife
            downstream, suffered, indeed, by our planet Earth. Let's give some thought to PREVENTION. -- barb


      • Environmentalists, Activists, Doomsayers and Other Alarmists
        The one article I've read by Fumento is the one in which he butchered facts right and left --
        Senselessness About Scents, above, proving he suffers from senselessness about scents. -- barb

      • Gulf Lore Syndrome
        "Why are the Gulf War vets getting sick? You won't find out by reading The New York Times and USA Today. "
        By Michael Fumento; Reason, March 1997; Copyright 1997 by Reason magazine

      • The (Irrational) Fear of Pesticides

      • New Syndrome? Or More Silliness?
        By Michael Fumento
        Copyright 1996 by Michael Fumento


      • Pesticides Are Not The Problem
        By Michael Fumento; Science adviser to the Atlantic Foundation
        and author of Science Under Siege

      • Reason Online
        SICK OF IT ALL - People with "Multiple Chemical sensitivity" are definitely
        suffering. The question is, why?

        By Michael Fumento
        (The answer is: CHEMICALS ... 70,000 or so in the economy today. So much is unkown
        about them used singly and less about them used in combination and still less about the effects of
        them together as the volatilize to make new compounds ...

        What is known is that among the 3,000-5,000 petrochemicals used to formulate synthetic scents,
        you'll find irritants and sensitizers -- HELLO, ASTHMA! -- and you'll also find known or
        suspected carcinogens, neurotoxins (adversely affecting your brain, your central nervous system)
        and teratogens (adversely affecting embryonic and fetal development). But you'll not get that
        info from Mr. Fumento. -- barb)

      • Senseless Scent Patrol
        By Michael Fumento
        The Washington Times, May 7, 2000
        Copyright 2000 by The Washington Times


      • With Gulf War Syndrome, No Disease Is No News
        By Michael Fumento; January 7, 2000


    • Functional Somatic Syndromes
      Annals of Internal Medicine, 1 June 1999. 130:910-921
      Arthur J. Barsky, MD, and Jonathan F. Borus, MD

    • Global Climate Coalition.
      "A voice for business in the global warming debate"
      Note, check out EWG on The Word IS Out! -- barb

    • Ronald Gots, MD, PhD
      Also see EHN's The Word IS Out! -- use your browser's FIND command

      • Book written with Stephen J. Barrett,
        Chemical Sensitivity : The Truth About Environmental Illness
      • Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute (ESRI)
        Gots resigned. From what I gather, after the State Farm expose, a search now of ESRI site
        turns up nothing on Gots. -- barb

        Grounds Maintenance
        Article on MCS, quoting Gots . . . Of course, this is the chemical industry's self-serving view. -- barb
        "Dr. Ronald E. Gots, of the National Medical Advisory Service, states, "It defies classification as a disease. It has no consistent characteristics, no uniform cause, no objective or measurable features. It exists because a patient believes it does and a doctor validates that belief. It may be the only ailment in existence in which the patient defines both the cause and the manifestations of his own condition."


          More about the NMAS -- another of Gots' fronts . . .

          From Rachel's #464 - Cigarette Science at Johns Hopkins, October 19, 1995
          ... Dr. Gots wears another hat, as director of the National Medical Advisory Service (NMAS), which provides expert witnesses to attorneys defending corporations in product liability lawsuits. ESRI and NMAS are essentially indistinguishable; they share the same offices and have the same fax number; Dr. Gots heads them both. ESRI and NMAS promote the same viewpoint toward MCS: it is an imaginary or psychological phenomenon, not an illness, so it couldn't be caused by chemicals. For example, on September 15, 1995, Dr. Gots testified on behalf of a corporate defendant in a lawsuit, saying under oath, "The MCS theory has been subjected to peer review evaluation and it has generally been rejected as 'junk science.'"[8] Dr. Gots himself has had some recent work subjected to review by one of his peers, and it was found wanting. His recent book, TOXIC RISKS: SCIENCE, REGULATION AND PERCEPTION was thoroughly trashed by a reviewer in the JOURNAL OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE--an industry-dominated journal. Dr. Gots's book was described as "of little value to public health professionals and scientists" and "replete with sweeping generalizations, overstatements, and exaggerations."[9] Despite the obvious anti-MCS bias of Dr. Gots and his anti-MCS organizations, a respected university and the federal government are now allowing themselves to become a vehicle for Dr. Gots's political agenda. October 30 through Nov. 1, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore --one of the nation's top research institutions, particularly in public health --in conjunction with NIOSH [National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, a federal agency] --is co-sponsoring a symposium with Dr. Gots's National Medical Advisory Service, assisted by the staff of the Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute. The symposium is called "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: State-of-the- Science Symposium." As you might expect from a group that doesn't believe there is any valid science supporting diagnoses of MCS, the symposium is heavily weighted in favor of pro-industry, anti-consumer, anti-MCS-patient viewpoints. No attempt is being made by conference organizers to include or accommodate MCS patients." ...

          Available as a printer friendly PDF file:

          For more on Gots, see Rachel's #585 - A New Mechanism Of Disease, February 12, 1998

          Available as a printer friendly PDF file:


    • International Center for Toxicology and Medicine
      "ICTM provides impartial medical and scientific evaluation
      services. Our in-house team of professionals specialize in
      environmental and occupational medicine, toxicology,
      industrial hygiene, and physical sciences.
      They said it, not me, but I sure question their impartiality . . . -- barb

        "Recent ICTM projects include:
        Indoor Air/ Sick Building Syndrome
        Occupational Toxic Exposure
        Accidental Release of Chemicals into the
        Adverse Drug Reactions
        Health and Ecological Risk Assessment
        Risk Communication

        "Recent clients include:
        Legal Profession
        Chemical Manufacturers
        Pharmaceutical Companies
        Insurance and Financial Firms
        Trade Associations
        Environmental Organizations
        US Federal, State, and Local Governments
        International Governments"


    • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Distinguishing between Psychogenic and Toxicodynamic
      by Ronald E. Gots, M.D., Ph.D.


    • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities‚ Public Policy
      by Ronald E. Gots, M.D., Ph.D.


    • National Medical Advisory Service, Bethesda, Maryland.


      • Texaco and Ecuador Information Package - Response To Claims
        "Dr. Ronald E. Gots, M.D., Ph.D. of the National Medical Advisory Service in
        Bethesda, Maryland, wrote, "As a meaningful discussion of differences in disease or
        health outcome prevalences it (the UPPSAE study) has no scientific merit. As an
        epidemiological investigation of the effects of oil petrochemicals upon health it is of no
        value at all."


    • Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!


  • Gulf War Syndrome
  • Industry on offense in Halifax
    The industry on the offense is as offensive as the toxic chemicals used in their fragrances.

    Also see EHN's page A, Articles on Halifax, which includes gems like,
    "No-Scent Makes Good Sense" -- barb


  • Iowa professor: Dr. Miles Weinberger, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Iowa
    (You have just GOT to read this! A snippet ... Read the whole article, then write. -- barb)

    "[Dr. Weinberger] wonders if the senators have been misguided by anti-pesticide activists.
    "If they are using pesticides, their purpose is to eliminate roaches and flies and other
    insects that are unpleasant and have potential to transmit diseases themselves," said
    Weinberger. He noted that in older schools, particularly in the Northeast, "roaches
    may contribute to allergies -- so any safe measure that kills them would enhance the safety
    of the school, rather than create harm."
    email to:

  • International Center for Toxicology and Medicine (ICTM)


  • Dr.
  • LA Times Friday, January 28, 2000 - available online limited time, then by fee
    "The Significance of the 21st Century Schnoz "
    By GREG MORAGO, Hartford Courant

    Mental Help Net (MHN)
      In my opinion, there is NO understanding MCS in this opinion piece, in which the editor has
      the temerity to send one on to a Michael Fumento article appearing in REASON. There we
      learn "Michael Fumento is REASON's science correspondent, under a grant from the
      William H. Donner Foundation." -- barb

  • Steven Milloy - JUNK
  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome: A Clinical Perspective. II. Evaluation,
    Diagnostic Testing, Treatment, and Social Considerations
    - Abstract
    Authors: Sparks-PJ; Daniell-W; Black-DW; Kipen-HM; Altman-LC; Simon-GE; Terr-AI
    Source: Journal of Occupational Medicine, Vol. 36, No. 7, pages 731-737.


  • The National Council Against Health Fraud
  • National Post Online, Canada
  • National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA) Idea House
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Frivolities
    Industry apolgists in action with regurgitation of old claims. While MCS, and those who have it
    are stultified, numbers of people chronically ill and prematurely dead soar. -- barb

  • New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM)

  • NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
    Call 1-800-35-NIOSH (1-800-356-4674) for additional information
    Read their abstracts. Then contact NIOSH! -- barb


  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
    • Multiple Chemical Sensitivities - written well before April 2003
      "Because the cause of MCS is not currently known, control methods could only be
      based on unproven theories. MCS is clearly not occupationally related."

      If YOU are as outraged by this report in general -- and specifically by the line above -- as I am,
      please call and/or write OSHA. Heavens, they've even linked to that predecisional draft ATSDR-
      released report, which contained the words of industry apologists such as doctors Ronald Gots
      (chemical front organizations) and Abba Terr (Workers' Comp).

      Furthermore, how can OSHA state on one hand that the cause of MCS is NOT known, and then
      state CATEGORICALLY on the other that "MCS is clearly not occupationally related"?
      That's HOGWASH! -- barb


    • OSHA -Spring 2000 -- OSHA, in its infinite wisdom links to this report:
      Statement of The Interagency Workgroup on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
      November 2000


        Spring 2001 -- Comments are posted. Do you get to see all of the public comments? NO.
        They summarize our comments but they publish this biased document in whole.
        Most MCS groups and activists have soundly renounced the ATSDR report for a variety of valid
        reasons. For a look at a few of the public comments, in their entirety, visit EHN's page
        Responses to the MCS Report
      April 2003, until ?:
      Well, OSHA got rid of their duplicitous statement:
      "Control: Because the cause of MCS is not currently known, control methods could only
      based on unproven theories. MCS is clearly not occupationally related. "
      Whatever else is right or wrong with OSHA's revised page on MCS, their first reference under
      "Other" is to a chemical front organization developed by Dr. Ronald Gots . . ."Environmental
      Sensitivities Research Institute." But they top themselves by also referencing, "'Clinical
      Ecology - A Critical Appraisal.' California Medical Association Scientific Board Task Force on
      Clinical Ecology. (1986). Western Journal of Medicine 144:239-245." As Albert Donnay of
      MCS Referral and Resources informs us: "California Medical Association, which adopted a
      position paper critical of clinical ecology in 1986, reclassified it as a "historical document only" in

      I suggest to OSHA that they begin studying sites like EHN's, MCS R&R, Alison Johnson's,
      contact Mary Lamielle . . . ECHO . . . heck, just go to EHN's page of MCS Links
      And, OSHA may want to follow out one of its links and the link of links to
      Allergies: Culprit Could be in Cosmetic Bag

      Get fragrance products out of the workplace and you'll improve indoor air AND health! THAT is worker safety, OSHA. -- barb


    Dr. Loren Pankratz
    Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Dancing Manias
    A talk by Dr. Loren Pankratz, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon.


    Perfume 2000 Magazine

  • Pest Control Operators of California
    Beyond Pesticides Daily News
    Once out to Beyobnd Pesticides, use your find command to locate: Fairfax, California
    Ordinance Disputed by Pest Control Operators of California (from April 19,2001). -- barb


  • Precautionary Principle
    Reason On Line
    "Michael Fumento is REASON's science correspondent, under a grant from the
    William H. Donner Foundation."
    • Gulf Lore Syndrome Why are the Gulf War vets getting sick? You won't find out by reading
      The New York Times and USA Today.
      By Michael Fumento


    • Risky Journalism - April 1997
      ABC's John Stossel bucks a fearful establishment.
      Interviewed by Jacob Sullum
      " While preparing a 20/20 segment on multiple chemical sensitivity that aired in
      January, John Stossel sent ABC associate producer Deborah Ston . . ."


      • LETTERS
        Includes response from Grace Ziem, M.D., written " correct misstatements and
        misimpressions presented by your interview with John Stossel ("Risky Journalism," April). -- barb

        Sensitivity Training


    • SICK OF IT ALL - June 1996
      People with "Multiple Chemical sensitivity" are definitely suffering. The question is, why?
      By Michael Fumento


      • Sensitive Reactions
        Includes excellent responses by William J. Meggs, M.D. and Cynthia Wilson, Executive
        Director, Chemical Injury Information AND Michael Fumento responding to them. -- barb


    • Still Crazy
      Are federal judges taming the ADA? Don't count on it.
      By Walter Olson


    RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment)
    Do not be fooled by the name of this organization . . . it IS very pro-industry. And
    just guess who sits on their list of West Nile Info Center? The CDC . . . which drops the
    most important initial in its name, P for PREVENTION. To learn more about RISE,
    check the following links. -- barb

    • #464 - Cigarette Science at Johns Hopkins, October 19, 1995
      " ... The pesticide corporations have formed their own cigarette-science group called RISE
      (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment). RISE is made up of executives from
      companies like Monsanto, Sandoz Agro, DowElanco, Dupont Agricultural Products,
      The Scotts Company, and other pesticide manufacturers, formulators, and distributors.

      "The issue that has RISE's members worried is multiple chemical sensitivity, or MCS.
      MCS is an adverse reaction to low levels of many different chemicals with symptoms
      that range from sniffles to coma. ..."

      "Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE) is an affiliate of the
      American Crop Protection Association, with which it shares a Washington, DC office. ..."


    • From the people who made the Dandelion America's # 1 yard enemy
      (enabling them to sell tons of hazardous toxins to innocent families)
      Now here to re-write history on the dangers of Pests vs. Pesticides
      The pesticide producers idea of School IPM

      Personal Injury Law Page
      Before you hire a lawyer - what you need to know.


  • SafetyAlerts' HealthScout
    • "Dust mites shoulder main blame for asthma rise in U.S."
      By Adam Marcus; HealthSCOUT Reporter
      "Some allergens believed to aggravate asthma might not be so irritating
      after all, the panelists found. These include pesticides, houseplants and
      perfumes. "There are a lot of things people have assumed are really bad
      actors, but the data are not that clear," says Johnston."
        (What was this reporter reading? I presonally think he -- and the industry --
      is making too much out of the dust mite.The IOM included "For biologic or chemical
      contaminants that could worsen asthma symptoms, limited or suggestive evidence exists
      regarding exposure to... fragrances in personal care and household products. See -- barb)

  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Scented Products Education and Information Association of Canada (SPEIAC)


    Locke orders spraying of gypsy moths
    Irate Ballard, Magnolia residents seek a
    court injunction to stop it

    Wednesday, May 10, 2000; By PHUONG LE and ANGELA GALLOWAY



  • Skepticism.Net
  • Abba Terr, MD
    • Chemical Warfare The world makes them sick, say a growing number of Floridians. The cause, they
      claim, is pesticides. But the pesticide industry says "prove it!"
      © Sun-Sentinel Company 1995
      Michael McLeod, Staff Writer; June 4, 1995
      "But to Stanford University immunologist Dr. Abba Terr, it's a kind of networked mass hysteria. As
      defined and presented by its proponents, chemical sensitivity constitutes a belief and not a disease, he
      says. If it is hypochondria, it has a high price, causing people to lose their jobs, their homes, their health,
      even their friends and relatives.


    • CIIN - Chemical Injury Information Network



    • DSB Report: OVERVIEW
      Dr. Abba I. Terr, Stanford University Medical Center
      Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Persian Gulf War Health Effects


    • MCS: A Sensitive Issue

    • Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome: A Clinical Perspective. II. Evaluation,
      Diagnostic Testing, Treatment, and Social Considerations
      - Abstract
      Authors: Sparks-PJ; Daniell-W; Black-DW; Kipen-HM; Altman-LC; Simon-GE; Terr-AI
      Source: Journal of Occupational Medicine, Vol. 36, No. 7, pages 731-737.


      What Biased Prosecutions Cost Skip Humphrey
      Leo B. Cashman
      Judge Astle did rely heavily on the testimony of Dr. Abba Terr, an allergist who had
      scientifically sparred with Sinaiko at scientific forums. To say that Dr. Terr competed with
      Sinaiko for the same patients may be an understatement; Terr practiced in the same
      building as Sinaiko. The judge dismissed any concern over allowing such a potentially
      biased witness or the fact that Dr. Terr makes up to $600 per hour as an expert witness
      on the defense (insurance industry) side against claims of allergy-caused


    • Public Advocacy Initiatives of MCS Referral & Resources
      Complaints & Critiques- Advocating Scientific Integrity in MCS Research,
      MCS Conferences, and the U.S. Government's Response to Gulf War Syndrome

    • January 8, 1998: Dr. Abba Terr, a clinical teacher on allergy and immunology
      Includes defense notes:
        " [Note from Defense Brief:]
        " The "clear and convincing" evidence also shows that Abba Terr, M.D., the Board's lead consultant on MCS, should be disqualified as an expert for any part of the Accusations made against Dr. Sinaiko with any of these four patients. He has both personal and professional reasons for being unsuitable as a reviewer with this Respondent. Not only did he share very difficult high-profile cases (e.g., [E.T.]'s daughter) with Dr. Sinaiko -- with dramatically different outcomes -- but he also shared very difficult situations such as the police officer's death portrayed in the "Bad Chemistry" program aired on KQED and McNeil/Lehrer, again with dramatically different outcomes. Finally, Dr. Terr practiced and still practices in close proximity to Dr. Sinaiko and competes daily for allergy referrals and patients, a single objection that is more than adequate to cause him to be disqualified per the Board's published (Exhibit A -- April 1994) conflicts standards.

        "Dr. Terr has believed and published for decades that MCS is -- at best -- a psychiatric or psychosomatic illness. His dogma has not changed despite the world passing him by. Early on, many mainstream medical groups from the American Medical Association (AMA) to the California Medical Association (CMA) and the American College of Physicians (ACP) joined in Dr. Terr's bashing of "clinical ecologists" and their notions of environmentally-induced illness. All of these bodies had withdrawn their position papers on this subject by the early 1990's. One can only wonder how much the $600/hr consultancies to industry on MCS continue to color his view in 1998?"


    • Sweet-Scented Pesticide 'Sugarcoats a Toxic Pill' (bubblegum scent)
      "Critics Decry Industry's 'Perverse' Threat to Children" Andrew Duffy; The Ottawa Citizen - August 20, 2000


    • Summary of Information Relevant to the Workers Compensation Appeals
      Tribunal (WCAT) test case of February 22, 2000

        "...- Dr. Staudenmayer's definition of environmental illness (pages 22-23) includes only
      part of what environmental medicine experts include. It includes only the higher dose,
      Toxicological part. He and Doctors Gots and Terr also appear unaware of years of
      research, hundreds of research papers that support the physiogenic nature of
      environmental illness/Sick Building Syndrome.

         "... Dr. Abba Terr, allergist and immunologist, testified to the lack of a connection between the immune system and EIS.....(p. 26) ...

         "... Chemical Exposures: Low Levels and high Stakes Second Edition.
      Nicholas Ashford and Claudia Miller (a few pages are included here, but this is a very
      important book to this WCB issue) It is recognized in this book that Dr. Gots,
      Dr. Staudenmayer, and Dr. Terr are three of the strongest proponents of the psychogenic
      theory in the United States. (Why is it that experts of equal weight from the
      physiogenic point of view were not brought in from the United States, England or
      elsewhere?) "


    • "Dr. Abba Terr is paid $600 an hour as the 'expert' to testify against patients who try
      to get insurance coverage for treatment of chemical/pesticide exposure. He also
      testifies against a physician who diagnoses such patients with anything other than a
      'somatoform disorder.' That¼s a fancy word for 'it¼s all in your head.' ..."

      Robert Sinaiko, MD, Placed on Probation; January 2000


    • Workers Comp: The real QUACKS!


  • Jesse Ventura
    • A Breath of Fresh Air Officially Licensed Air Freshener
      "We are the ONLY authorized e-tailer for OTS Enterprises LLC."


    • OTS Enterprises, LLC presents: JESSE VENTURA - A Breath of Fresh Air
      Officially Licensed AIR FRESHENER
      AIN'T GOT TIME TO STINK? Add a breath of fresh air anywhere!


  • Virtual Aroma
    More smell in a box. -- barb
  • Washington Post
    "Pesticide Coalition Tries to Blunt Regulation"
    By George Lardner Jr. and Joby Warrick
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Saturday, May 13, 2000; Page A01

    Priter Friendly version



    There are "Experts" and then there are EXPERTS


    Remember the "experts" scoffed at TB, MS, . . . asthma. Naturally they are going to scoff at MCS . . . and denigrate the harbingers. I'd love to see some psychological profiles on the "Experts"!

    And we all know how the "Experts" love to shove stats in our faces for MCS being, in their mind, a woman's disease, well, what say they about MS stats? "MS is 2-3 times as common in women than in men." (Source: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society\Sourcebook-Epidemiology.asp

    By the bye, breast cancer is also more common in women, but I wonder if we'll see an increase in breast cancer with men wearing and using more scented products. I also wonder if that query is on anyone's radar screen?



    One of my favorite pieces is The Guy in the Glass -- I believe it should be required study for all who are interested in keeping truth from the public, as well as those who perpetrate the "Hateful-Hurtfuls." We are affected by them whether its in our homes and neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, healthcare facilities, places of worship, the media, . . .

    The Guy In the Glass
    by Dale Wimbrow, (c) 1934

    To read helpful and useful information to help you gain access and accommodation, please visit EHN's Take Heart! -- barb

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