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Second Hand Reactions

Dr. Gilbere: The Naturopathic Health and Research Center
Bonners Ferry, Idaho

Note: These articles appear in reverse chronological order. -- barb

  • Fluoride and 'Man's Best Friend'
    Kootenai Valley Times - 2001

  • Allergy Medications Affect Driving and
    Workplace Safety

    Kootenai Valley Times - 2001

  • Women Experiencing Allergic Reactions From
    Some Progesterone Creams

    Kootenai Valley Times - 2001

  • A Mother Becomes Advocate for
    Pesticide-Free Schools

    Kootenai Valley Times - February 2001

  • Family Poisoned by Chemicals Used for
    Smoke Damage in Their Home

    Kootenai Valley Time

  • The Road to Reversing MCS/EI
    Is Paved With Good Intestines

    Published in The Townsend Letter for Doctors - January 2001

  • A Doctor's Personal Experience With Chemical Sensitivities
    Kootenai Valley Times - December 2000

  • How Can Real Estate Agents
    Help Clients With Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

    Kootenai Valley Times - December 2000

  • Five Ingredients That Raise "RED FLAGS" in Cosmetics
    Kootenai Valley Times - December 2000

    Kootenai Valley Times - October 20, 2000

  • Neighborhood Health Notice!
    'Walk Around The Block' Can Mean
    'Symptoms Around the Clock'

    Kootenai Valley Times
    An article on air pollution caused by scented detergents and fabric softeners. -- barb

  • Plants Help Reverse Indoor Air Pollution and Allergies
    Kootenai Valley Times - October 6, 2000

  • Scents in the Workplace
    Kootenai Valley Times - October 1, 2000

  • "Scared to Death" of Having to Call 911
    Kootenai Valley Times - September 22, 2000

  • EPA Ruling on Dursban For Household Use
    Kootenai Valley Times - September 15, 2000

  • Fabric Softeners Create a "Gas-ly" Family Visit
    Kootenai Valley Times - September 7, 2000

  • Hair Spray: Toxins Can Contribute a Firm Hold on
    Allergic Reactions

    Kootenai Valley Times- September 1, 2000

  • Pesticide Use Prohibits Parent From Visiting School
    Kootenai Valley Times- August 24, 2000

  • Wick-ed Candles, They "light up your life" and endanger your children
    Kootenai Valley Times - August 17, 2000

  • Teacher Forced Out of Class (Permanently) by Pesticide Use
    Kootenai Valley Times - August 10, 2000

  • Allergic Reactions and Chemical Sensitivity
    Kootenai Valley Times -July 27, 2000

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