Create An Awareness:
Our planet wears a gas mask!

Joan LaCroix's buttons, caps and/or tee-shirts, present the perfect answer to the question we often hear: "Why are you wearing a mask?"

However, they go beyond serving that basic function and are perfect for the activist who wishes sometimes to be a silent, yet constant reminder.

Singly or together, the buttons, caps and tee-shirts can serve as symbols for EI/MCS support groups. They also become unique gifts -- to give to either your EI/MCS friends or your friends who share your concern for our environment. Perhaps, your friends who ask, "What should I get you?,"will now have the perfect answer.

The tee-shirts and hats are embroidered with 17,000 stitches; the image is our planet, Earth, wearing a mask.

Shirts and buttons are available in two different wordings with the Earth emblem :

1. "Chemical Sensitivity" above Earth wearing a mask, and "Environmental Awareness" below.

2. "Environmental" above the emblem and "Awareness" below.

Shirt and button images scanned in by Helle (web site on the horizon), uploaded by Earle (website:

The cap is restricted to the choice of "Chemical" above the emblem and "Sensitivity" below or "Environmental" above and "Awareness" below, as the bill of the cap doesn't easily allow the for stitching the complete Chemical Sensitivity/Envir-
onmental Awareness choice.

  • T-shirts - $18.00 + $3.00 s&h
  • Sport Hats - $16.50 + 3.00 s&h
  • Pins - $3.50 (3 -4 min.) + $2.00 s&h

    Note: All available in large quantities at reduced prices -- please contact Joan.

    From EHN's website
    (no spaces), you will be able to link into color photos of the shirt, cap and buttons. For those of you who won't be able to see the design in color, the globe image is blue and green, and the mask is yellow with gray.

    Buttons, caps and shirts may be ordered directly from Joan via mail:

    Joan LaCroix
    21 Fairview Dr.,
    Leicester, MA 01524
    or by phone 1.508.892.9303; or fax 1.508.892.7135;
    e-mail or via the WWW (one of Joan's pages, and the site from which the images were borrowed) --

    If you want to order only pins, you may purchase them directly from EHN. As the pins were donated to EHN, 100 percent of the money will support our services for people with MCS. EHN sells them at $3.50 plus $1 shipping. Write to EHN, PO Box 1155, Larkspur, CA 94977-0074, giving your order and enclosing a check for the appropriate amount (do not send cash). Please note: The US Postal Service tells us that to expedite mail delivery, one should use the full nine-digit ZIP code when addressing mail, so please use ours -- and give us yours.

    MCS Awareness Day is tied into April's Earth Day or May's CFIDS Awareness Day in many parts of the country. Sporting a cap, button and/or tee-shirt throughout the year, as well as on Earth Day or CFIDS Awareness Day, would be a gentle reminder that by our very local actions, we globally affect the world in which we live.

    Let us remind ourselves and others to gently tread upon our Earth.

    -- barb wilkie

    This article is a slight reworking of the original story, which was printed in the January - February 1998 issue of EHN's newsletter, The New Reactor.

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