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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.

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This list is dedicated to improving the indoor air quality at schools.
But it is also appropriate to discuss any type of Indoor air quality
issue on this list. That means that we can talk about work
environments, hospitals, service providers, retailers, restaurants etc.

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If you ever want to remove yourself from this mailing list,
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[Last updated on: Sat Sep 12 23:40:45 1998]

Here are some general information for the iaq2000 list.

1. iaq2000 description

Thomas Jefferson Middle School (TJMS,) Jefferson City, Missouri, USA and
Indoor Air Quality Experts from all walks of life around the world, are
partnering to create a global cyber IAQ village. This village will work to
keep our students safe from indoor air contaminants that compromise our
students ability to learn and behave.

The iaq2000 list is intended to serve as a forum for questions, problems, and
new technology with respect to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) at school. It a
forum where students from 11 years of age, along with professionals will
come together to help the schools improve there indoor air quality.

I will attempt to maintain a free and objective flow of information on this
list, please be warned that this is an advocacy list working towards
recognition of the relationship between the environment inside the school
building and the success of that school building's occupants.

2. iaq2000 Goals

Raise academic performance
Increase attendance
Decrease Activity and Behavior Problems within the school
Decrease Illness within the school
Decrease the need for home teaching
Decrease the cost of running the school
Decrease the chance of costly litigation regarding environmental issues

3. iaq2000 Tools

The following is a list of the tools that TJMS is using in the implementation
of their IAQ Committtee:

EPA's Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools (Kit)
"Is This Your Child's World?" (book)
"Environmentally Sick Schools (video)
iaq2000 discussion list
Safe School (workshop)
Is This Your Child's World?" ( workshop)

4. iaq2000 Rules and Netiquette


This list shall be maintained as a stress free list.

There shall be respect for individual situations.

There will be middle school students from TJMS participating on this list.
Keep the discussions at a 6th grade level.

With that in mind FLAMES will not be tolerated. I have teachers on this list
so beware! You may find yourself speaking to the principal about your
behavior. J

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary.
You will see this term used on this list. This means what works for one
person may or may not work for others.
There may be an exchange of medical treatment and information. Please note,
that any medical advice is not necessarily from professionals and should be
taken up with your physician. If you should decide to try any advice on this
list you are doing so at your own risk.

The members of this list come from all walks of life. This is an
International list. Assume that information that you send to this list is
public and will be reposted somewhere.

People will disagree. Don't assume that a disagreement is a personal attack.
Learn to recognize the difference between a disagreement that is attacking
an idea and a disagreement that is attacking you.

This list is not a moderated list. Every message that is sent to the list
will be passed to every member of the list ( with very few exceptions.)

I hope that you enjoy the partnerships that will be made on this list. Don't
hesitate to post questions to iaq2000. You will be pleasantly surprised at
the availability of information and support you will receive.

Ecology House Please respect the residents and their
requests by following the instructions provided on our Ecology House page.

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