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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.


EHN [of California]
P.O. Box 1155
Larkspur, California, 94977-0074

Support and Information Line
(SAIL) 415.541.5075
A 501 (c) (3) non profit agency.



by A. Marsh

First one to blink is history. Last one to draw is dead.
We know the bad guy's cornered with a price upon his head.
It's a T.V. western re-run and the good guy's palms are slick,
Slick enough to twirl the gun and shoot--that did the trick!
With his justice laden bullets and his presidential boots,
"Ain't no negotiatin', ma'am, with those bad guys in cahoots!"

And so the bad guy bites the dust,
And it ended as we knew it must.
The good guy gets the girl, of course,
but still leaves town upon his horse.
And it's glory everlasting and it's God who wrote the script,
'Cause our hearts are pure as apple pie,
And our crack shots... never miss.

Oh, we've got that Afghan prairie dust, a' blowin' in the oil,
And two rich kids to shoot it out and destiny to foil.
But if you're just a little brown,
Or living in an Afghan town,
Y'all just better duck and hide,
Bad luck then if you're killed inside,
That U.S. grocery store you own,
Or the desert shack you called a home.

'Cause it's friendly fire, neighbor,
And you're just plain folks to us,
And we're sure that you'll forgive us,
'Cause the screenplay says you must.
Then it's glory everlasting for our God who wrote the script,
And the target's clear as apple pie,
And our crack shots... never miss.


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The Environmental Health Network (EHN) [of California] is a 501 (c) (3) non profit agency and offers support and information for the chemically injured. Learn from the work of Julia Kendall, get The BEST of the Reactor, join EHN and receive The New Reactor. See what influence the Chemical Manufacturers have had against those of us with EI. The URL for this page is