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San Francisco, California June 12, 2006 - When it comes to standards in the building/remodeling industry what many people don't realize is that "green is not necessarily clean". But now one company is aiming to help set a higher standard for building/remodeling methods & materials nationwide. has just been launched providing professionals and consumers with unprecedented information and education for the safest and most environmentally sound building & remodeling projects possible.

SaferBuilding provides extensive, thorough, safe construction/remodeling research from all angles -- from a household maintenance perspective, from an aesthetic perspective, from a toxicity/health perspective, and from a financial perspective. The site offers dozens of educational materials including things like Contractor How-To Sheets regarding painting, plumbing, flooring, carpet demolition, carpentry, furniture, termite & pest management, and more. "Many of our competitors discuss materials," says SaferBuilding Founder Michelle Miller, "but we are the only ones to discuss methods, have a certification program, have environmental disclosures, all to make the properties safer overall."

The idea for the SaferBuilding Program was sparked by a life changing circumstance. "A few years back I was an innocent by-stander in an mosquito abatement spraying which I was told was for West Nile Virus," says Miller. "Despite being in top physical shape, I nearly lost my life from pesticides that were used according to the label. I had believed that if a product were dangerous or toxic, then it wouldn't be on the market." That set Miller and her SaferBuilding group on a path toward researching building and maintenance materials and started experimenting and testing them. Many consumers, unbeknownst to them, use toxic ingredients for their home maintenance. They think that they are improving their home, when in fact, they are inadvertently making it more toxic. Consumers need this information so that they can maintain & improve their home without inadvertently contaminating their air.

Many home seekers also get excited about buying a house which hadn't been subjected to pesticides for several years, was painted with NO VOC paints, had no carpet, etc. Those houses and apartments could sell or rent at a premium. So the SaferBuilding team designed their certification program to help determine which dwellings would indeed qualify as safer. When it comes to selling a property, Miller says using SaferBuilding methods and materials may increase the property value, attract a wider selection of prospective tenants, as well as offer the potential for greater liability protection. Properties that qualify for the SaferBuilding Certification have seen increased property values of 7% to 10%.

The SaferBuilding Certification of Good Standing:
After making a commitment to maintaining the property with safer methods and materials, getting a SaferBuilding Certification of Good Standing means that the property will be maintained according to a known third party standard. The current certification programs in the industry today are expensive and not for residential houses. The SaferBuilding certification program is online, very cost effective, and geared for residential properties.

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