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Access Board SF WorkShop

Sept. 6-7, 2000

By Susan Molloy

Aug. 11, 2000 -- The U.S. Access Board is having a workshop Sept. 6-7, at the Holiday Inn Golden Gate on Van Ness in San Francisco.

Focus on their draft proposal for improving accessibility to recreational faciltiies. Topics include swimming pools, amusement parks, I'm not sure what else.

This is an opportunity to ask --

  • that pesticide use be curtailed in and around children's (or anyone's) playgrounds and sports areas, eating areas;

  • that alternatives to chorine be employed for pools;

  • that non-toxic alternatives be used in fragrance emission devices in the locker rooms and restrooms, etc.

For details, precise schedules, and a copy of the draft, contact the Access Board at 800-USA-ABLE

Or visit the Access Board's page: "Board Issues Summary on Draft Final Guidelines for Recreation Facilities Information Meetings to be Held in Washington, DC and San Francisco (7/21/00)" at (Note: This link will open a new page. To return to EHN, just close it.)

Please circulate this notice to people you know who might be able to participate and who care about our issues.

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