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May 17, 1999

Mr. Christopher Allen, President
Alacrity Ventures

Dear Mr. Allen:

It is with gratitude and pleasure that the board of the Environmental Health Network presents you with the first annual Julia Kendall Award for a Fragrance-Free Workplace.

Through this award and its public recognition we hope to encourage other employers to create toxin-free, environmentally friendly working conditions. We know that this is not an easy task, but believe that such efforts will pay off in improved employee health and productivity.

As you know from your own experience, this kind of effort starts with a considerable investment in fact-finding and self-education and then in the education of management and employees. One must learn about indoor air quality, alternative building materials, pest control through integrated pest management, and non-toxic products for building maintenance. It also requires a willingness to establish and reinforce policies, such as the fragrance-free policy, that may not be initially acceptable to some employees.

Therefore, we salute you for your efforts past, present and future. You are in the vanguard of enlightened employers who are guiding us to a more sustainable future.


Amy Marsh

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH NETWORK P.O. Box 1155 . Larkspur, CA 94977 (415)541-5075

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