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EHN Board President Barb Wilkie was very ill from chemically-induced kidney disease for several years. She passed away May 31, 2011. EHN presents this site both as a tribute and as valuable information. Many links and references will be out of date but Barb's research holds up over time. We will be transferring the site page by page, with updated details, to EHN's main site. If you would like to reach an EHN staff person, please contact us directly.


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San Francisco Police Department's
Disabilities Awareness Guide

Environmental Illness
(Multiple Chemical Sensitivites, E.I.)
[page 17]


  • E.I. is a syndrome wherein a person has severe reactions to low levels of everyday chemicals and products. Some examples of irritants are fresh paint, pesticides, cologne, perfumes or other scented products.


  • There is much controversy surrounding Environmental Illness (E.I.). Currently, many government agencies recognize E.I. as a disability; however, some view the functional disability associated with E.I. as the disability.


  • If the someone tells you he or she has E.I. and complains about a source of irritation, take the person to another area where there is fresh air or remove the irritant.


  • If the person is having a reaction, seek medical assistance if necessary.


  • People who have E.I. may be wearing some sort of face mask, may be using protable oxygen, or may be avoiding some settings or events.


  • Reported symptoms may include:
      signs usually attributed to intoxication
      pain in the joints
      difficulty breathing


  • People with E.I. may give the appearance of someone with a head injury, learning disability, psychiatric disability, or mobility impairment.

    EHN thanks:

    Sergeant Michael J. Sullivan
    Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator

    San Francisco Police Department

    Revised February 1998








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FDA Petition -- for a looksee into why people are disabled by modern perfumes and
fragrance products. We should have proof from the industry and our government agencies
charged with protecting public health that these commonly used consumer products have been
proved safe before marketing for something more than just the dermatological reactions of the
primary user. -- barb

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