In Support of AB 2823
Revision of the California Organic Food Act

Letter by Betty Bridges, RN

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To: Assembly Member Virginia Strom-Martin
Re: Support for AB 2823
Date: August 16, 2002

Dear Assembly Member Strom-Martin:

While I am not a Californian, I very much support labeling that would enable consumers to make informed choices about the products they buy and use. California has been the leader many times in consumer rights and I hope the leadership will continue.

I am a consumer that needs products that do not contain synthetic fragrance. I have a severe respiratory allergy to a common synthetic fragrance chemical. Checking labels becomes a way of life. Unfortunately labeling is often misleading. One whiff of Herbal Essence shampoo will trigger an asthma attack. The product is certainly not organic or natural. Both the labeling and the advertising mislead consumers.

I have spent literally thousands of hours over the past 6-7 researching information regarding fragrance. There are serious concerns related to fragrance in consumer products that are used on a daily basis. Synthetic musk compounds accumulate in human tissue, are found in breast milk, and cross the placental barrier. They are also persistent organic pollutants. These and other such materials do not belong in products labeled as "organic".

Betty Bridges, RN
Fragranced Products Information Network

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