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PLEASE Support AB 2260

September 16, 2000

Governor Gray Davis
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95184
Dear Governor Davis:

I personally support AB 2260 because I know first hand what the application of "safe" pesticides will do to a not-small adult body. Lord only knows what immediate and life-long damage pesticides will do to a child.

I lived with routine pesticide poisoning in my former workplace. My body reacted with tinnitus -- my most minor, yet very annoying complaint -- as well as craters suddenly opening in my skin to become "non-healing wounds." And tossed in there, for good measure, were headaches, asthma and pains in my chest.

My body told me that pesticides had been sprayed even when the deputy executive director of the agency for which I worked swore up and down that there had been no pesticides sprayed. By week's end, he was proved wrong. Lot's of good it did me to be proved right, for there was no relief from that week's sudden eruption of more "non-healing wounds" or the other symptoms I was forced to endure that week while they treated me as if I were somatizing again, and then some!

We are losing too many people to environmental illnesses. The superfluous toxins in pesticides -- and in other fragrance products, I might add -- are taking their toll. It is past time due for our government to begin: 1) protecting public health and welfare and 2) to truthfully inform the public of these toxins, and if they must be applied, when and where and what kind, so the public can practice their right of informed consent. Those already living with asthma and other environmental illnesses should not be put in harm's way just to get an education. That's not right. And under the ADA, I doubt that it is legal (although I am not a lawyer so that is simply an expression of my personal belief).

I urge your support the Healthy Schools Act of 2000, AB 2260 (Shelley D-SF). Our children deserve a safe and healthy place to learn and parents have the right to know what pesticides are used at their children's schools.

Currently pesticides are used on school grounds without the knowledge or consent of parents. This is particularly disturbing since children are uniquely susceptible to the harmful effects of pesticides, due to their developing bodies and behavior.

AB 2260 would provide parents, students, and staff information about pesticide use in their schools, and provide information and training to schools about how to implement least toxic pest control, an approach that places children's health first.

I look forward to hearing from you about whether you plan to sign or veto this important legislation. For our children's sake, I urge you to sign AB 2260 into law.


Barbara Wilkie
name/address deleted

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