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Environmental Health Group Petitions FDA to
Have Fragrance 'Misbranded'

Who & What:
The Environmental Health Network has just submitted a lengthy petition to the Food and Drug Administration to declare Calvin Klein's "Eternity Eau de Parfum" misbranded. Misbranding would require a warning label on this product.

When & Where:
EHN is hosting a press conference to announce the submission of this petition on May 8th, from 1:00-1:30 PM at Piper Park, on Doherty, in Larkspur, CA. EHN will also announce the winner of its 1999 Julia Kendall Award for a Fragrance-Free Workplace at that time.

Independent laboratory analysis of this product has revealed such chemicals as diethyl phthalate (suspected hormone disrupter with ability to accumulate in the fatty tissues of the human body through skin absorption); phenols (suspected carcinogens, may cause reproductive harm); benzeneethanol (rated toxic, readily absorbed via skin, central nervous system effects); synthetic musks (recently in the news as suspected carcinogens, which accumulate in human and animal tissues) and skin and respiratory irritants. The petition contains material safety data sheets for most of the identified chemicals.

The petition states: "The materials in Eternity have not been adequately tested for safety. There are legitimate concerns over the safety of this product. The product does not carry the required warning label."

See photo of Eternity package:
front --
and back --

"Most people think fragrances are harmless. This is simply not true. Most fragrance ingredients have only been tested for skin irritation and not for their short or long-term effects on any other part of the human body. We are announcing the submission of this petition in the hopes that a groundswell of consumer interest will convince the FDA to put this matter on the front burner where it belongs. The health of millions of unwary consumers, including asthmatic mothers and children, is at stake" said Amy Marsh, president of Environmental Health Network.


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Amy Marsh, President EHN
Barb Wilkie, board member, EHN (Barb's email is no longer valid, please contact EHN)
Betty Bridges, RN;
Fragranced Products Information Network

Please write to the FDA in support of this petition.
Betty Bridges, FPIN
Barbara Wilkie, EHN (Barb's email is no longer valid, please contact EHN)

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