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"... It Was Like a Royal Affair ..."

From The New Reactor -- Vol 8, No. 3: May - June 1998
By Barb Wilkie © May 1998

Our daughter (and youngest child) was married June 1996, in Berkeley, California, to a wonderful young man who is the youngest of three wonderful sons of a wonderful couple from just over the Berkeley Hills. Perfect.

The young couple made their own invitations, upon which -- and in several places -- was the request that their guests please attend fragrance-free.

All festivities were as fragrance-free as could be expected when one depends on the total cooperation of people who are not yet afflicted with severe sensitization to fragrance products and whose very act of "dressing" may include layers of fragrance products.

There were 200 or so guests, a sit down dinner and dancing. A wonderful time was had by all -- including the bride's mother!

There were perhaps four people who had worn scents. Following my "barking like a seal" asthmatic cough when I was inadvertently in contact with one, word quickly spread for those few to avoid me. I needed oxygen briefly, but for the most part, I was able to be mask- and oxygen tank-free.

Interestingly, the tremendous flavors of the food and wine stand out in the memory of many guests. Friends of the bride had catered the affair and the food was delicious. Not to detract from their culinary skills, but I think their hard work was so greatly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed because the atmosphere was fragrance-free -- which enhanced their culinary talents. Our olfactory senses and taste buds were allowed to function as nature intended.

Without perfume dominating, we all could walk into the food area and smell the wonderful aromas. We could taste the scrumptious blends of food flavors and spices. We could actually smell the bouquet of our wine. We could enjoy. We savored!

Our daughter and son-in-law's willing departure from the rules of etiquette, as well as those who respected their request, proved one can have a grand time without fragrance products. Perhaps the day will soon come when others feel free to do likewise.

It was just a wedding in June. That's all that it was. But, oh, what it meant to me!

I was listening to 960 KABL ( one day while pondering how to bring forth the concept of a fragrance-free wedding -- especially since Miss Manners had stated one could NOT ask guests to attend a wedding fragrance-free.

Suddenly I heard KABL playing "Oh! What It Seemed To Be" by Frank Sinatra and this true story was born anew as an article for The New Reactor.

By the way, if you like swing and older hits, you too can listen to 960KABL on your computer. The Jocks are Jim Lange with his producer, Dino Donikian; Mike Cleary (the man of a million voices/ personalities); Carter B. Smith ("the prince trapped in the body of a diskjockey"); and Joe "Romance" Romagna --       -- barb

Todd's Frank Sinatra Lyrics Page

Track Title: Oh! What It Seemed To Be

Album Title: The V-Disc, 1943-1947, disc 2
Prime Artist: Frank Sinatra
Written by: Frankie Carle & His Orchestra
Written by: Bennie Benjamin
Written by: George David Weiss


Oh, What It Seemed To Be

It was just a neighborhood dance, that's all what it was,
But, oh, what it seemed to be.

It was like a masquerade ball with costumes and all
`Cause you were at the dance with me.

It was just a ride on the train, that's all that it was,
But, oh,what it seemed to be.

It was like a trip to the stars, to Venus and Mars
`Cause you were on the train with me.

And when I kissed you, darling, it was more than just a thrill for me.
It was a promise, darling, of the things that fate had willed for me.

It was just a wedding in June, that's all that it was,
But oh what it seemed to be.

It was like a royal affair with everyone there
`Cause you said "Yes, I do" to me.

It was just a wedding in June, that's all that it was, But oh what it seemed to be.
It was like a royal affair with everyone there
`Cause you said "Yes, I do" to me.

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