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by Lew Brenneman, MD, PhD

Alas, Dr. Brenneman has retired. However, his papers, which appeared in EHN's newsletter,
The New Reactor (now in hiatus) are here for you. -- barb

Note: These articles also appeared in EHN's newsletter,
The New Reactor, currently in hiatus.

Q&A Sessions

We use to take part in Meet with Dr. Brenneman and Friends in his office,
the second Wednesday of the month. . . . That was the "good ol' days"!

Of course, since Dr. Brenneman has retired, this is no longer an option, but I appreciated his efforts while they were available to us. The meetings were interesting, and it was good to be brought together with others who were relatively new to the "new normal" of MCS.

One of the pieces of advice we got from Dr. Brenneman, I try to keep before me everyday: Move. Walk. If it hurts, walk a little bit and turn around and walk back, but do that every day.

We began walking out maybe five minutes worth and then ten, and before I knew it, I could walk out a half hour or more. We might not break speed records but for us today, a half hour means about a mile walk out . . . and since we walk back to our starting point, without much effort these days, we've had a two-mile walk. Now we often walk for longer periods of time; more miles. Even up hills, when I feel I can manage that.

Our walks are in the hills or by the Bay or ocean, where I am less likely to encounter perfumed products on people, or fragrances hanging in the air. For example, perfumes and then the neighborhood pollutant from a stationary source, which air resources boards refuse to recognize: fabric softeners. They are horrible for my body and the bodies of other people . . . there is no such thing as "personal choice" when using any scented products, as their volatilizing toxins become one with the air everyone breathes!

However, due to some inexplicable reason, John Wodatch, Chief Public Access with the Department of Justice (not for MCSers!!!!!) had ruled that fragrances were a personal choice issue. He could not have single handily done as much harm to as many people with major weapons in a crowded arena. He has caused the loss of health, jobs, families, and life with that ruling. How can volatilizing toxins that pollute air and bodies of everyong forced to breathe that air, be a "personal choice"? And, it's not as if Lance Wallace of EPA and Julia Kendall hadn't already done their work to show the harmful effects of fragrances. What excuse then, for Mr. Wodatch's decision? Off the top of my head, I'd guess industry pressure, but I do not know that. I'd love to see a smoking gun on this subject!

Personally, I am blessed to live in an area where many of the cities have chosen to be free of killer pesticides -- except in certain instances. Such as parks, near the picnic areas. Choice!!!! Also, utility poles are fair game for poisoning . . . along with the people who live near by. By the bye, did you know that "cide" means KILL? So herbicides are pesticides and they do do bodily harm . . . and kill. Bugs quickly, humans and pets more slowly. But kill they do. Insecticides are pesticides, so are fungicides. Kill, kill. There are safer alternatives to pesticides. And, what's a real kick is that pesticides are scented so that people are more willing to accept the spraying of those toxins. And what is really a twist is that these same cities haven't figured out that fragrances create a grand scale of poisonings in their own right.

So, while I don't have to worry quite so much about pesticides, it is hard to get away from the other killer chemical concoctions, fragances. There is always someone, somewhere on some trail that feel they have to load up on synthetic scent to be able to enjoy Mother Nature. What an absurdity!

All that said, if it hadn't been for the wise counsel of Dr. Brenneman, I'd not have been able to enjoy the walks that I have. I truly had to learn to walk again. I am forever in his debt. -- barb

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