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Iso E Super
Betty Bridges, RN

10 Aug 2002

Scott A. Masten, Ph.D.
Office of Chemical Nomination and Selection
Environmental Toxicology Program
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
P.O. Box 12233, MD A3-07
111 T.W. Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC

(919) 541-5710 (voice)
(919) 541-3647 (fax)

Dear Dr. Masten,

I strongly support toxicology testing of the fragrance chemical Iso E Super. There is exposure to materials in fragrance to virtually every segment of the population. The lack of available health and safety data is disturbing. Consumers have no way of evaluating the health risks of scented products. In 1999, the perfume Eternity was analyzed. I researched available information on Iso E Super. I could not find any publicly available health and safety data on the material. NTP's review of toxicology literature confirmed the absence such information.

International Flavors and Fragrance's suggested use levels of Iso E Super is up to 10% of the fragrance formula and is recommended for use in a variety of products. (IFF, 2002) Isocyclemone E's (a material with a different ratio of isomers, same CAS# 54464-57-2) suggested use level is up to 30% and is recommended in a variety of applications.(IFF, 2002) These materials are in common use in products of all types.

There has been focus on synthetic musk compounds because of bioaccumulation in tissue and in the environment. In reality, "musk" refers to the odor quality and not chemical structure or other chemical properties. Considering Iso E Super's similar structure to AETT and AHTN, two polycyclic musk compounds with known concerns, it is likely that Iso E Super and other chemically similar materials would also bioaccumulate in human tissue, persist in the environment, and have health concerns. There are concerns related to AHTN causing liver toxicity and discoloration. Galaxolide, another polycyclic musk has similar concerns, but to a lessor degree (SCCNFP, 2000) Chromogenic properties have been associated with neurotoxicity. ( Sabri, 2002)

There is an assumption that once a material has been in use for a while it is safe. This was proved to be incorrect with Methyleugenol. Independent evaluation of the safety of fragrance chemicals is long overdue. Iso E Super is an excellent place to start.

Betty Bridges, RN
Fragranced Products Information Network


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